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Inflammation of the tissue surrounding a fingernail or toenail.

[Latin parōnychia, from Greek parōnukhiā : para-, around; see para-1 + onux, onukh-, nail; see nogh- in Indo-European roots.]

par′o·nych′i·al adj.
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(Medicine) of or relating to paronychia
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Classical signs and numerous atypical forms have been described, such as annular, chancriform, acute paronychial, palmoplantar, zosteriform, and erysipeloid (1, 3, 7-9).
"'You have scaly papules; hemorrhagic, purpuric, petechial lesions; and paronychial involvement.
Nail signs like discoloration, onycholysis, thickening of the nail plate and paronychial inflammation were assessed on a four-point scale (0, absent; 1, mild; 2, moderate; and 3, severe).