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A 26-year-old Caucasian woman presented to the hospital with clinical concern for a parotid abscess. The patient reported that she had right facial swelling for years, which had recently worsened.
In addition, we did not detect secondary parotid abscess induced by Brucella spp., although abscess formation related to Brucella in different parts of the body have been reported in the literature (9, 10).
After fiber optic intubation under general anesthesia, superficial parotidectomy and parotid abscess drainage was performed.
Diagnosis was compatible with parotid abscess with reactive neck lymphadenopathy.
While in the preantibiotic era parotid gland fistulae were frequently the consequence of parotid abscess drainage or suppuration associated with sialolithiasis, today the most frequent causes are gland injury during parotid surgery and penetrating trauma.
One morning, a young boy was in line and he had what looked like a huge parotid abscess....