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 (păr′ə-tī′tĭs) also pa·rot·i·di·tis (pə-rŏt′ĭ-dī′tĭs)
Inflammation of the parotid glands, as in mumps.

par′o·tit′ic (-tĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(ˌpærəˈtaɪtɪs) or


(Pathology) inflammation of the parotid gland. See also mumps
parotitic, parotiditic adj
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(ˌpær əˈtaɪ tɪs)

also pa•rot•i•di•tis

(pəˌrɒt ɪˈdaɪ tɪs)

1. inflammation of a parotid.
2. mumps.
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a swollen or inflamed condition of the parotid. Also called mumps. — parotitic, adj.
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Noun1.parotitis - inflammation of one or both parotid glands
epidemic parotitis, mumps - an acute contagious viral disease characterized by fever and by swelling of the parotid glands
inflammation, redness, rubor - a response of body tissues to injury or irritation; characterized by pain and swelling and redness and heat
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n parotiditis f
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Less commonly, the bacterium can seed into the bloodstream because of parotitis, sinusitis, mastoiditis, otitis and dental infections (13).
Particularly vexing was the presence of cases without the classical presentation of parotitis and the inability to rule out cases based on negative laboratory results, said Dr.
Mumps produces excruciating bilateral parotitis (CENTERFOLD, FIGURE 6) and sometimes pancreatitis, orchitis, cerebellar ataxia, or death.
The vaccine was likely to be associated with benign thrombocytopenic purpura, parotitis, joint and limb complaints, febrile convulsions within two weeks of vaccination and aseptic meningitis (mumps Urabe strain-containing MMR).
One patient had chronic idiopathic urticaria, 1 patient had rheumatoid arthritis, and 1 had bacterial parotitis. None of these 3 individuals had signs of systemic disease.
IT was a dose of epidemic parotitis that first led me to the songs of Jake Thackray.
Q I HAVE almost constant facial pain after two bouts of Parotitis. I also have chronic sinusitis, recurring ear infections and Polyarthritis.
Other manifestations include eye problems, such as uveitis or conjunctivitis; parotitis; lymphadenopathy; and central nervous system abnormalities.
Many have chronic parotitis, which is not a major clinical problem but it gives them the puffy-cheeked appearance of enlarged salivary glands.
All persons with mumps experienced parotitis; 22 (47%) reported bilateral swelling.
MOE is also complicated by parotitis, mastoiditis, jugular vein thrombosis, meningitis, and death (9).