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 (păr′əs, pâr′-)
Having given birth one or more times.

[From -parous.]
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Adj.1.parous - having given birth to one or more viable children
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Data from Phase III clinical trials, including 574 nulliparous and 878 parous women from North America and several European countries have demonstrated that LCS-16 is highly effective and well tolerated regardless of age and parity.
The submission is based on data from the Phase III clinical trials which included 574 nulliparous and 878 parous women from North America and several European countries.
The ratio of parous to nulliparous mosquitoes (multiparous ratio) of the An.
Although the active chemical agents in herbal medications used during pregnancy in KwaZulu-Natal have still not been identified, it has been postulated that the meconium is due to hyperstimulation and may lead to UR, particularly in parous women.
2007, 2010) and for parous females, 21% to have moved <1 km and 5.
With over 200 000 surgeries performed yearly, pelvic organ prolapse (POP), often associated with stress urinary incontinence, is a major health concern, especially for parous and elderly women.
Parous women had sharply elevated odds of having chosen and having used an effective method (odds ratios, 6.
Complications of intrauterine device in nulliparous and parous women.
Sitting Posture Affects Pelvic Floor Muscle Activity in Parous Women: An observational study.
For parous women the rate of severe, acute maternal morbidity for a planned home versus a planned hospital birth was 1.
The available national statistical data for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland were analyzed at intervals since 1968 in each of the constituent areas for: total numbers of abortions performed, total abortion rates, rates of low birth weight, nulliparous and parous abortion rates, stillbirth rates, preterm birth rates, and maternal mortality rates.