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 (păr′əs, pâr′-)
Having given birth one or more times.

[From -parous.]
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Adj.1.parous - having given birth to one or more viable children
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In an analysis of a subset of the cohort (75,558 women with 9,110 cases) that adjusted for adult weight gain, the association between parity and risk for diabetes became nonsignificant, and parous women with fewer than five term pregnancies did not have an increased diabetes risk when breastfeeding was done for at least three months per child.
This is probably due to presence of pre-existing anaemia and less contractile uterine muscular tissue in multi parous women as mentioned in Dutta D C 2004.
The chances for a parous woman for developing GDM inflate from 2% to 21% when age changes from 20 years to 40.
The findings show that Liletta is highly effective and safe over 6 years of use in both nulliparous and parous women, and in both nonobese and obese women, Dr.
In 2014, among the total of 133 patients in the parous group, 91 patients (68.4%) started with Misoprostol as management of preference and 42 patients (31.6%) preferred D&C.
(3) In the prospective Nurses' Health Study, among parous women, each additional year of breastfeeding decreased the risk of type 2 diabetes by 15% compared with women who did not breastfeed.
A few other studies demonstrated associations in parous women or pooled samples of both parous and nulliparous women (Bach et al.
Majority of the cases were parous women, whereas 6 (9.3%) women were nulliparous.
Half of the women were parous. There was no difference in mean peak IAP when accounting for age.
Characteristics Primiparous women 227 (94.6) Parous women 13 (5.4) Age 23 [+ or -] 3.8 Gestational age 39 [+ or -] 1.6 Spontaneous vaginal birth 231 (96.3) Operative vaginal birth 9 (3.8) OASIS 33 (13.8) Birthweight 3157 [+ or -] 453 Length of episiotomy 27.6 [+ or -] 7.2 Distance from midline 5.1 [+ or -] 5.1 Episiotomy suture angle 31.7 [+ or -] 14.0 Categorical variables are presented in n/240 (%), and continuous Variables are presented in mean [+ or -] SD.