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Noun1.part name - a word that names a part of a larger wholepart name - a word that names a part of a larger whole; "`brim' and `crown' are meronyms of `hat'"
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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Now design engineers and architects can enjoy Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) working directly on 3D solids and 3D solid assemblies to lay parts flat and identify part name, material, and features with cut depths.
The online store,, offers genuine Nissan parts, accessories and merchandise through an easy-to-view online catalogue, searchable by vehicle name as well as part name. Customers can then purchase these parts and have them delivered anywhere in Metro Manila for free within 24 hours if they purchase before 11am.
Each component is clearly labeled with the customer's (not CabPart's) name, Item number and part name for efficient Identification and assembly.
I went to Numrich Gun Parts website, and found the parts break down, part name and the fact the part is sold out.
Punch in the part name on eBay and you'll be amazed how cheap perfectly decent parts can be.
Argyle is a pattern for jumpers, part name of the football club Plymouth Argyle and the name of many towns and cities abroad founded by Scottish emigrants.
These drawings include all information about part origins and program zero positions, specific notes that will give the operation smoother progress during set-up and also information about the part being machined (e.g., part name, part number, program number, who programmed the job, etc.).
FeatureCAM adds all the parameters of the job that I am manufacturing right into my NC Code: part name, material size, and a list of the tools for a specific job.
You've probably heard about Confessions of a Video Vixen, part memoir, part name dropping tell-all.
For example, the title page of the medius part book, which differs from the other partbooks by its lack of the publisher's address, exists in two states with differing decorative bars below the part name. This is clear from plates 1-3, which show the title page of the sextus part book followed by reproductions of the medius title pages from two copies of that part book held by the Bodleian Library.