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Noun1.part-owner - a person who owns something in common with others
possessor, owner - a person who owns something; "they are searching for the owner of the car"; "who is the owner of that friendly smile?"
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The Web ads that remain will likely be house ads for the deep-pocketed sponsors who part-own outlets.
The "bait" was the chance to part-own a valuable racehorse, with the prospect of it pulling off wins which would net them a fortune.
Sources said the man who died was an experienced pilot and a member of the Scottish Aero Club, who part-own the local air strip.
Four shareholders will each pay pounds 12,000 for the car - which they will part-own for two years.
"The council have agreed in principle to the building of a community stadium which the club, through the sale of Brockville, will part-own, allowing us to generate much-needed revenue.
A third of those who employ 20 or more people in their main business also own or part-own another business, compared with only 13% who work alone.
"An added bonus is that I part-own him and also bred him," she added.
I write on the day when a horse I part-own has been eliminated from a 0-75 handicap at Lingfield (Oct 16),
That he should now part-own another "wonder horse", Gatwick, is a miracle.
Inter part-own Adriano and intend to buy the striker outright at the end of the season for pounds 8m.
But they host the listings, take a marketing fee from the stores and, in some cases, deliver the orders through courier companies they part-own," said the FT.
Summary: DUBAI - Dubai-based contractor Arabtec, part-owned by Abu Dhabi state fund bar Investments, will begin subscription for a $650 million rights issue on June 9, the UAE's market regulator said on Thursday.