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1. Separated or divided into parts.
2. Being or kept apart; separated.
3. Botany Cleft almost to the base, so as to have distinct divisions or lobes.
4. Deceased: our recently parted friend.


1. (Botany) botany divided almost to the base: parted leaves.
2. (Heraldry) heraldry showing two coats of arms divided by a vertical central line


(ˈpær tɪd)

1. divided into parts; cleft.
2. divided by a part: parted hair.
3. set or kept apart; separated.
4. Bot. separated into rather distinct portions by incisions that extend nearly to the midrib or the base.
5. Archaic. deceased.
part′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.parted - having a margin incised almost to the base so as to create distinct divisions or lobes
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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Mold Capabilities: Green sand (automatic horizontally parted and jolt squeeze), diecasting and permanent mold.
Processes: vertically parted green sand molding, a limited amount of shell coremaking (coremaking outsourced), coreless induction melting.