partial breach

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Noun1.partial breach - a breach that does not destroy the value of the contract but can give rise to a claim for damages
breach of contract - a breach of a legal duty; failure to do something that is required in a contract
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Some dams and levees in the region are reportedly showing signs of distress; a dam in Hoke County, North Carolina, west of Fayetteville, has failed and the Lake Corriher levee experienced a partial breach.
3d DCA 1991), a landlord-tenant case, the court found that the tenant, the party asserting the prior breach doctrine, had exhibited conduct establishing an implied waiver of the right to claim damages for "total breach," leaving the tenant with only a claim for partial breach damages.
Federal courts have said parties could only file damage claims under partial breach of the standard contract, saying that a total breach is "foreclosed by statute."
We now need to ask, as Mike points out, what else we need to do: 'what has to happen for this partial breach in the walls of the fortress to become more substantial?'.