partial-birth abortion

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par·tial-birth abortion


par′tial-birth′ abor′tion

(term used chiefly by opponents of abortion) intact dilatation and extraction.
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If only half of the reality of this "abortion procedure" were conveyed, you would find overwhelming opposition akin to that we saw in the public's outrage over partial-birth abortion.
Although the public broadly opposes late-term abortions and thinks the specific procedure known as partial-birth abortion should be banned, Americans also say they do not want to see Roe v.
Kennedy quoted this graphic description, not only to show the public what partial-birth abortion really is, but to demonstrate that Congress correctly determined that a "moral, medical, and ethical consensus exists that the practice of performing a partial-birth abortion .
As a strategy, partial-birth abortion has been one of the most effective education tools of the pro-life movement.
The others are done sparingly during the second trimester and only 1 percent of those procedures are partial-birth abortions, most often performed because of medical necessity.
A 2003 ban on partial-birth abortions, supported by President Bush, never went into effect since a Supreme Court ruling says that all abortion laws must contain provisions to "protect a women's health.
Hamilton also correctly rebuffed Congress' blatant effort to finesse previous Supreme Court objections to partial-birth abortion bans that included no exception for protecting maternal health.
Section [section] 1531(b) defines the term "partial-birth abortion" (3) and extends coverage of the prohibition to any "individual" who performs a partial-birth abortion, regardless of whether that person is a licensed medical practitioner.
Canady, then chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution (he is a Jeb Bush-appointed district court judge in Florida), now introduced the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995, and held a hearing on the bill in his subcommittee the very next day.
Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) introduced the third Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act on April 29, 1999.
The most significant gain pro-lifers have made is in the debate over partial-birth abortion, where Democrats switched their votes in droves, becoming converts to the pro-life cause on this issue.
This is the first time that a court has refused to grant permanent or preliminary relief from a partial-birth abortion ban, according to Julie Kay of the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy.

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