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intr.v. par·tic·i·pat·ed, par·tic·i·pat·ing, par·tic·i·pates
1. To be active or involved in something; take part: participated in the festivities.
2. To share in something: If only I could participate in your good fortune.

[Latin participāre, participāt-, from particeps, particip-, partaker : pars, part-, part; see part + capere, to take; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

par·tic′i·pa′tive adj.
par·tic′i·pa′tor n.
مُشارِك، مُشْتَرِك


nTeilnehmer(in) m(f)


(paːˈtisipeit) verb
to be one of a group of people actively doing something. Did you participate in the discussion?
parˌticiˈpation noun
parˈticipant, parˈticipator nouns
a person who participates (in a particular activity). the participants in the Olympic Games.
References in classic literature ?
What is the good of all this beauty and glory to me, when every second, every moment, I cannot but be aware that this little fly which buzzes around my head in the sun's rays--even this little fly is a sharer and participator in all the glory of the universe, and knows its place and is happy in it;--while I--only I, am an outcast, and have been blind to the fact hitherto, thanks to my simplicity
Suddenly the bird darted out of the tree and away, and instantly he thought of the "fly buzzing about in the sun's rays" that Hippolyte had talked of; how that it knew its place and was a participator in the universal life, while he alone was an "outcast.
I have noted the struggle between abolitionist and colonizationist, and have received some impressions, as a distant spectator, which could never have occurred to me as a participator.
And since you, General, have today been so good as to listen to the Baron's complaints, and to enter into his concerns--since you have made yourself a participator in the affair--I have the honour to inform you that, tomorrow morning at the latest, I shall, in my own name, demand of the said Baron a formal explanation as to the reasons which have led him to disregard the fact that the matter lies between him and myself alone, and to put a slight upon me by referring it to another person, as though I were unworthy to answer for my own conduct.
Inglethorp, who had been the participator in the quarrel.
The names of the participators in the deeds of blood and violence done under the name of religion were kept profoundly secret.
It was an interesting event to the younger inhabitants of Marlott, though its real interest was not observed by the participators in the ceremony.
In this mortifying abasement, the colonists, though innocent of her imbecility, and too humble to be the agents of her blunders, were but the natural participators.
For it is to be considered that this passion of which we speak, though it begin with the young, yet forsakes not the old, or rather suffers no one who is truly its servant to grow old, but makes the aged participators of it not less than the tender maiden, though in a different and nobler sort.
I am a regular participator in the Hospice Walkabout,' said Dr Bloomfield who will be joined on the run with practice manager Sarah Morris.
It] examines whether features of mediated group discussion were related to participator judgments.
Yet, this cooperation is tenuous and a major participator can derail these efforts.

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