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The book we present here is based on the author's doctoral thesis research, which examines the socio-educational roles and strategies adopted by community managers in order to facilitate participatory evaluation processes in the community actions they manage.
THIS ESSAY ARGUES THAT UNION DEMOCRACY (in the sense of active direct democracy at local levels in combination with highly accountable representative systems at more general levels) can be an important foundation for efforts to build a participatory society.
As part of the requirements coming into force from next year, all registered nurses will be required to demonstrate they have undertaken 40 hours of CPD over the previous three years, at least half of which need to be participatory. Twitter Tuesday chats can count towards the participatory element of the CPD requirements.
Participatory development is an approach to economic stimulus that would see thousands of smaller projects at the local level that communities identify and control, instead of fewer, large-scale costly projects with higher associated risks.
Contributions to that issue explored new possibilities for community media policy and argued that critical participatory media provided a crucial link between media studies and broader agendas in political theory and democratic debate.
5 (BNA): A researcher at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) has recently designed a participatory e-training environment that aims to develop the professional competencies of specialists in education technologies.
The Church of Scotland is running a participatory budgeting event in Elgin next month, which could lead to groups receiving a cash boost of between PS250 and PS500.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 12, 2019-: Global Participatory Sports Market Report 2019: Focus on Golf Courses And Country Clubs, Skiing Facilities, Marinas, Fitness And Recreational Sports Centers, Bowling Centers
Information on the CGIAR website says that this article is based on the lessons learnt during a participatory research carried out in Honduras and Colombia funded by CCAFS, Fontagro and the Agropolis Foundation.
Media as society's watchdog has not adequately highlighted the issue of participatory budgeting, which is a key aspect of the 2010 Constitution.
Addressing a workshop on 'Participatory Irrigation Management to Support Productive and Sustainable Agriculture', organized by PARC in collaboration with University of South Australia, he said that as water scarcity intensifies due to an increasing population and impacts of climate variability, the importance of robust irrigation institutions was paramount.

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