particle board

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or particle board  (pär′tĭ-kəl-bôrd′)
A structural material made of wood fragments, such as chips or shavings, that are mechanically pressed into sheet form and bonded together with resin.

particle board



(Building) another name for chipboard

par′ticle board`

any of various composition boards formed from small particles of wood, as flakes, bonded with a resin.
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Noun1.particle board - wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets
Masonite - a type of fiberboard
dry wall, drywall, wallboard - a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions; made from plaster or wood pulp or other materials and used primarily to form the interior walls of houses
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Tenders are invited for Providing Furniture in Civil Dispensary in Sector 40, Chandigarh (WDF) Executive table :- Executive Table - with size shall be 1500 Width mm x 750 Depth mm x 740 Height mm Table top shall be 25 mm thick plain particle board (PPB) Clad with 0.
It adapts to existing shelving modules to accommodate any load configuration, and features Z-beam construction that interfaces with galvanized steel shelf panels, reinforced wire decking, hanger beams for storing textiles and clothing, or particle board.
Griesbach claims Avery had Halbach's key hidden in the particle board and the bookcase.
Glues of the Kaurit and Kauramin brands are especially suitable for the efficient production of a wide range of wood-based materials from particle board and fiberboard to OSB.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- A leading holding in wood processing industry, Hayat Holding, laid foundation of world's largest particle board fabric of the world in Russian city of Kaluga.
Thickness Swelling (TS) and water absorption (WA)) of particle board have been investigated and the results have been compared with conventional wooden particleboard .
Constructed from 1-inch thick melamine-coated particle board, the Dob Pod features built-in handle cutouts on each leg panel, which serve to both decrease the overall weight of the unit and make it easy to grab and transport.
His favorite surfaces--eroding stone, a tree in Hyde Park and particle board covering a shop window during the 2011 riots--served as unexpected prints for his well-tailored, two-button blazers, oxford shins and backpacks, turning his fall collection into an expertly crafted, tactile Instagram feed.
The study uses the Robiniapseudoacacia/ wastepaper composite particle board and research the technological parameter in order to discovering the feasibility of the experiments.
He was in timber cutting for 25 years and in the particle board plants for 18 years.
The Forest Product Laboratory identifies two general types of particle board panels.