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Noun1.particular proposition - (logic) a proposition that asserts something about some (but not all) members of a class
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
proposition - (logic) a statement that affirms or denies something and is either true or false
universal proposition, universal - (logic) a proposition that asserts something of all members of a class
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Even if a particular proposition squeezed through, it is surely unsatisfactory for the constitutional and economic future of Wales and the rest of the UK to be based on whimsical manoeuvring.
Lacson said that even though 11 senators have already signed the committee report on Dengvaxia, where Gordon primarily recommended that former President Benigno Aquino III be charged with graft for approving the purchase of P3.5-billion worth of the anti-dengue vaccines, majority signed the report with reservations over this particular proposition.
Of course, the idea is not that given any question under discussion that is specific enough one can communicate a particular proposition regardless of the metaphor or hint one uses.
The point can also be made that inconsistent thinking like this is still different from consciously embracing any particular proposition known to be inconsistent.
Although this particular proposition failed, the race was very close with the "Vote No" campaign spending more than four times the amount of money ($44.4 million versus $10.6 million) than the "Vote Yes" campaign (McFadden & Lusk, 2013).
Actually, the time is now ripe for more developers to strategically reconsider this particular proposition. This can enhance their bottom-line if executed well and also provide residents with an opportunity to buy a property in Dubai.
Wittgenstein explicitly asserts that the sense of a proposition is shown by the proposition (4.022: 'A proposition shows its sense'), and it would be absolutely illegitimate to claim that the sense of a particular proposition is a priori, (18) or that it is a pure expression of the world as a whole.
He said: "That particular proposition is just fantasy."
LEE says the independent members, who are "not speaking from any particular proposition but are guided and clearly influenced by a passion for British racing", will seek to broker an agreement between the two sides.
Knowing that a particular proposition of constitutional law is invisible, rather than visible, tells us almost nothing about it.
It was never made clear who his 'friends' were, although I was in little doubt that the fingerprints of MI5 were all over this particular proposition.
In a strict sense, the particular proposition p that is assigned at time t by agent a to a sentence s is a property of a situation--is literally assigned as the outcome of a human act--and not something that inheres in the sentence itself.