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Noun1.particularisation - an individualized description of a particular instance
description - the act of describing something
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Qui plus est, le populisme avance peut permettre la particularisation thematique du message qui constitue l'objet des campagnes referendaires en fonction d'autres criteres que celui strictement communautaire-territorial.
The correlation is, in fact, more profound; it is a structural homogeneity whereby any subjective attention to an all-encompassing, 'centred' organisation is hindered, while dispersion and particularisation are constantly increasing.
The emphatic character of these two forms is evidenced in Meyer's (1992) semantic classification of appositional types: for Meyer (1992), including (and by extension included too) is a marker of particularisation, not one of exemplification.
This liberatory power is both real, and a part of an economy of globalised domination by those nations which, according to Hegel, have achieved a certain stage of historical development, freeing their poets to 'accept the principle of particularisation and individualisation'.
La aussi, une application pensee pour la mobilite connective a travers les dispositifs mobiles tout en mettant l'accent sur la frequentation d'une spatialite urbaine precise qui, dans le site Web, pourrait representer une maniere de connaissance et une particularisation du lieu.
However, Agrawal feels that in order to make indigenous knowledge usable in the development process, it must pass through the process he calls 'scientisation' which involves particularisation, validation and generalisation (2002:290-291).
The speaker of the state legislature, Naphtale Hassan, echoed the governor's remarks, saying federalism is not "kokora" -- a word for Equatorian particularisation in 1980s -- stressing that the system needed to be explained to the people.
"devoiler la richesse du sens urbain, plus encore en demontrer, non pas Padequation a un modele theorique, mais la particularisation et l'originalite, [qui] appellent une posture methodologique adaptable a la cornplexite des problemes - qui par fois.