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n. Music
1. An instrumental piece composed of a series of variations, as a suite.
2. One of the variations contained in such a piece.

[Italian, from feminine past participle of partire, divide, from Latin partīre; see partite.]
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n, pl -te (-teɪ) or -tas
(Classical Music) music a type of suite
[Italian: divided (piece), from Latin partīre to divide]
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(swit; for 3 often sut)

1. a number of things forming a series or set.
2. a connected series of rooms to be used together: a hotel suite.
3. a set of matching furniture, esp. for one room.
4. a company of followers or attendants; train or retinue.
a. an ordered series of instrumental dances, in the same or related keys, commonly preceded by a prelude.
b. an ordered series of instrumental movements of any character.
6. Computers. a group of software programs sold as a unit and usu. designed to work together.
[1665–75; < French, metathetic variant of Old French siute suit]
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Noun1.partita - one of the variations contained in a partita
variation - a repetition of a musical theme in which it is modified or embellished
2.partita - (music) an instrumental suite common in the 18th century
suite - a musical composition of several movements only loosely connected
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Poll's performances are neat but lack the imagination that the finest exponents bring to these works, for example in the famous Gavotte en Rondeau, best known from the Violin Partita No.3.
Skalkota's Characteristic Piece for Xylophone and orchestra and the Partita in C major by G.
1 in C; Passepied;" "Bourree Brandenburg Concerto No 1 in F;" "Partita in B; Menuetto, Trio, Polacca, Duo Echo;" "Little" Fugue in G; "Suite in B minor: Badinerie Invention;" and "Suite No.
She had an exquisite lightness that lifted Bach off the surface of the planet, but also quasisymphonic drama where required, particularly in the Partita No.
The wren's voice is pure and vibrant, like a flute playing a Bach partita.
(Family Araenidae), Pardosa oakleyi and Hippasa partita (Family Lycosidae) at cotton-wheat zone were studied for their predatory potential against three aphid species of canola crop under laboratory experiment.
On the last day, April 8, there will be the grand finale: the "Partita del Cuore", meaning a friendly match between the Sudanese Under 17 National Team and a selection of the participants who stood out during the week of camp training sessions.
Their programme will include Bach's Partita No.3 for solo violin, Schumann's Romanze, Brahms' Scherzo and the Beethoven Sonata Op.24 in F major.
It was presented at the University College London on Tuesday, 10 March 2015, with talks by Jason Wilson, Evi Fishburn and me, and an extraordinary concert by the violinist Kati Debretzeni played Bach's Chaconne from the Violin Partita No.
Dylan Hart gave stunning solo performances of Messiaen's Appel interstellaire as well as his own spectacular arrangements of Bach's Partita in B Major and Rimsky-KorsakovN Flight of the Bumblebee.