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Divided into parts.

[Latin partītus, past participle of partīre, to divide, from pars, part-, part; see part.]


1. (in combination) composed of or divided into a specified number of parts: bipartite.
2. (Botany) (esp of plant leaves) divided almost to the base to form two or more parts
[C16: from Latin partīre to divide]


(ˈpɑr taɪt)

1. divided into parts (usu. used in combination): a tripartite agreement.
2. Bot. parted.
[1560–70; < Latin partītus, past participle of partīrī to divide. See part]
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The three partite meeting reviewed the latest developments on the Yemeni arena, especially the recent events in the governorates of Aden and Abyan, meanwhile al-Berkani pointed out the efforts exerted by the Yemeni political leadership to overcome the setbacks.
During the proceeding, it was shocking for the complainant to see her signature and partite agreement, which she had never signed," it added.
In this case each critical interval bundle L existing in the application either is included in the specific inter- partite contour C(L) or is not related to any inter-partite contour.
There are three partite subsets of the edge set [E.sub.G] corresponding to the degree of end vertices which are presented as
Answering a query about controversy regarding a Facebook post about Bangladesh, he said Pakistan clings to the spirit of tri partite agreement of 1974 which is the cornerstone of our relations with Bangladesh.
Sindh Labour Minister has said that we are going to hold first ever Tri Partite Labour Conferencein ist week of November as twice were postponed due to some reasons by the stake holders but now it would be held with all stake holders in time, even ready for reduction of our ratio even decrease for the welfare and benefits of the both the employees and employers for their maximum representation as the PPP believes in its party manifesto to protect the rights of the people and provide people friendly environment in the society, he added.
L'US Tataouine a emis une reserve sur l'alignement du joueur camerounais du CS Hammam-lfi, Fabrice Onana, lors du match ayant oppose la formation sudiste au club banlieusard et solde sur un resultat de partite (2-2), mercredi a Hammam-lif, pour le compte de la 9e journee play-out de la Ligue 1 de football professionnel.
Tanti sono anche gli attentati compiuti durante partite di calcio, spesso amatoriali.
If D is a c-partite tournament with the partite sets [V.sub.1], [V.sub.2], ..., [V.sub.c] such that [absolute value of ([V.sub.1])] [less than or equal to] [absolute value of ([V.sub.2])] [less than or equal to] ...
Such independent subsets are called partite sets or simply parts.
A graph G is m-partite (m [greater than or equal to] 2), if it is possible to partition the vertex set V(G) into m independent sets [V.sub.1], [V.sub.2], ...,[V.sub.m] (called partite sets) such that every edge of G joins the vertices in different partite sets.
He expressed hope to keep up bilateral and three partite political meetings.