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 (pə-rē′sĭs, păr′ĭ-sĭs)
n. pl. pa·re·ses (-sēz)
1. Slight or partial paralysis.
2. General paresis.

[Greek, act of letting go, paralysis, from parīenai, to let fall : para-, beside; see para-1 + hīenai, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

pa·ret′ic (pə-rĕt′ĭk) adj. & n.
pa·ret′i·cal·ly adv.


(pəˈriːsɪs; ˈpærɪsɪs)
n, pl -ses (-ˌsiːz)
1. (Pathology) incomplete or slight paralysis of motor functions
2. (Pathology) short for general paresis. See general paralysis of the insane
[C17: via New Latin from Greek: a relaxation, from parienai to let go, from para-1 + hienai to release]
paretic adj


(pəˈri sɪs, ˈpær ə sɪs)

partial motor paralysis.
[1685–95; < New Latin < Greek páresis paralysis, a letting go <pariénai to let go = par- + hiénai to send)]
pa•ret′ic (-ˈrɛt ɪk, -ˈri tɪk) n., adj.


a state or process of partial paralysis. — paretic, adj.
See also: Body, Human
a state or process of partial paralysis. — paretic, adj.
See also: Disease and Illness
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Noun1.paresis - a slight or partial paralysis
palsy, paralysis - loss of the ability to move a body part
paraparesis - a slight paralysis or weakness of both legs


[pəˈriːsɪs] nparesi f


n paresia
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In dairy cows, the concept of negative dietary cation anion difference (DCAD, defined as milliequivalents of Na + K - Cl - S per kg of feed dry matter [DM]) has been used in dry cow nutrition to reduce the incidence of parturient paresis [1, 2].
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The symptoms are very similar to those of parturient paresis (milk fever) usually seen prior to lambing, hypomagnesemia (staggers) and listeriosis.
High-producing dairy goats may be afflicted with parturient paresis or milk fever.