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One who attends parties or a party: The lobby was filled with partygoers.

par′ty·go′ing adj. & n.
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1. a person at a party
2. a person who goes to a lot of parties
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Noun1.partygoer - someone who is attending a partypartygoer - someone who is attending a party; "the hall was crowded with an overflow of partygoers"
attendee, meeter, attendant, attender - a person who is present and participates in a meeting; "he was a regular attender at department meetings"; "the gathering satisfied both organizers and attendees"
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The 43-year-old was a guest at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief gala on Sunday night when she was targeted by an angry fellow partygoer.
Stormwind has a unique hero power, called Party Barracks, which summons a random "Partygoer." There are two different party crashers coming to Stormwind:
One partygoer said: "The party was supposed to go on until 2am and things were just hotting up around 10pm when Caroline said she was shutting and everyone had to leave."
WORCESTER - A 19-year-old Shrewsbury man was arraigned in Central District Court yesterday for allegedly stabbing a fellow partygoer at a home owned by two Worcester police officers.
People might be feeling the pinch a bit at the moment but in Kate's world, things are still as good as ever." However, things weren't good for one partygoer. The man, a mate of one of Kate's friends, was taken to hospital in an oxygen mask by paramedics after he feared he was having a heart attack.
The higher the fee for attending a dance party, the higher the likelihood of risky behavior because there is likely to be more freedom and privacy for partygoers. Thus the partygoer is willing to pay a higher fee in the expectation of getting more in return (Griffiths, 1995).
In the women's bathroom (don't ask), one partygoer announced that her husband was a sous-chef at Maestro, a fancy Italian place in Tysons Corner, Va.
Describing a recent fete at the town house, a columnist wrote that a partygoer looking upward "might have caught a glimpse of something more than just a plain white ceiling." By rendering bath fixtures transparent (the guest room offers a particularly revealing view of the Plexiglas Jacuzzi in the master bedroom above), Rudolph transforms a traditional site of bodily shame and abjection - the bathroom - into a playful scene of voyeurism and display.
17 was a full-house event-a pleasant surprise for the organizers, Inquirer Lifestyle and Seda Vertis North, given that it was held on a Sunday night, when even the most earnest partygoer might choose to stay home and rest.
A partygoer claimed that the 32-year-old was solo at the SNL after party and stayed until nearly 5 am, Radar Online reported.
One lucky volunteer gets cozy with "Downtown Donna" Merlino 10 Bloodrayne scribe Guinevere Turner (center) flanked by two of her many adoring fans 11 Honey Labrador (right) with one partygoer proudly sporting her very unique Babeland merchandise 12 Tattooed and oh so cute partygoers strike a pose 13 The evenings emcee and host was freakin' hilarious lesbian comic Sabrina Matthews (whose must-see one-chick stand up is on constant rotation on Comedy Central)
One partygoer said: "Two guys stole a bottle of Chivas off Puffy's table and his bodyguards went looking for them.