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A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below an infraorder and above a superfamily.

[Latin parvus, small; see pau- in Indo-European roots + order.]
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Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812 Infraorder Adapiformes ([dagger]) Hoffstetter, 1977 Superfamily Adapoidea ([dagger]) Trouessart, 1879 Infraorder Lemuriformes Gregory, 1915 Superfamily Lemuroidea Gray, 1821 Superfamily Cheirogaleoidea Gray, 1872 Superfamily Indrioidea Burnett, 1828 Superfamily Daubentonioidea Gray, 1863 Infraorder Lorisiformes Gregory, 1915 Superfamily Lorisoidea Gray, 1821 Suborder Haplorrhini Pocock, 1918 Infraorder Tarsiiformes Gregory, 1915 Superfamily Omomyoidea ([dagger]) Trouessart, 1879 Superfamily Tarsioidea Gray, 1825 Infraorder Simiiformes Hoffstetter, 1974 (=Anthropoidea Mivart, 1864) Parvorder Platyrrhini E.
Marmosets sit within the family Callitrichidae of the Platyrrhini parvorder, while OWM sit within the Cercopithecidae family of the Catarrhini Parvorder.