pas de bourrée

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pas de bour·rée

 (pä də bo͝o-rā′, bo͞o-)
n. pl. pas de bourrée
A transitional movement in ballet in which the dancer transfers body weight quickly from foot to foot in three small steps.

[French : pas, step + de, of + bourrée, bourrée.]
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"Practicing transitions, paying attention to your tombe pas de bourree as much as the turn and the preps into jumps can make you look elegant and lengthened," says Cirio.
He taught them that hip-hop was about history, tradition, and the spirit of a people; they taught him, in mm, that in hip-hop there were the plie, tour jete, chasse, and pas de bourree: "They were there, but I didn't know them by those names."
"I do pas de bourree with them so they learn structure.
Everything in Ondine's choreography tells us she is a water creature: the swift rivulets of her pas de bourree, the darting movements of the shoulders and torso, the wonderful aquatic port de bras Ashton invented and carefully defined even to the fingertips.
The tombe pas de bourree and the takeoff before the leap really are the dancing.
Among the crowd pleasers was the "Schnoffler Tanz," a solo in which Valerie Robin or Hamilton seemed blown by the wind as they skimmed across the stage in swift pas de bourree. There was the brilliant virtuosity of male classicism in the "Seufzer Galop," a duo danced by veteran purist Kitten and newcomer Masayoshi Onuki.
In the classroom and stage sequences of Red Giselle, for which he actually had to invent something, he used about six steps (lots of pas de bourree), usually performed in unison, and the most rudimentary of spatial patterns.
As she does a double pirouette into a lilting pas de bourree, all the buoyancy of the music comes alive in her body.
Transition steps, like a glissade or pas de bourree, are often as important as pirouettes.
When teaching ballet to small children you have to break down even the simplest movements, like assemble and pas de bourree, into even smaller digestible pieces.
I was doing it in hip hop, but I wasn't calling it a pas de bourree.