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Noun1.pasang - large African antelope with long straight nearly upright hornspasang - large African antelope with long straight nearly upright horns
antelope - graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-diks
genus Oryx - African antelopes: oryxes
gemsbok, gemsbuck, Oryx gazella - large South African oryx with a broad black band along its flanks
2.pasang - wild goat of Iran and adjacent regionspasang - wild goat of Iran and adjacent regions
wild goat - undomesticated goat
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The ban will take effect in the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu municipality from January 2020.
Don Cash became ill at the summit and was treated there by his two Sherpa guides, Pasang Tenje Sherpa, head of Pioneer Adventure, which provided the guides, said Friday.
"We have mobilised a team to rescue Rodrigo who has gone missing above Camp IV on the descent after he reportedly made it to the summit," said Pasang Sherpa, director of Peak Promotion hiking company.
18, 2018 decision resolving a two-year-old fare hike petition filed by Acto, Land Transportation Organization of the Philippines, Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines, and Pasang Masda by raising the minimum jeep fare from P8 to P10.
They have a strong team of eight Sherpas with them in support including Nuri Sherpa, Chhepal Sherpa, Geljen Sherpa, Hallung Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa.
Roberto Martin, president of the Pangkalahatang Sanggunian Manila and Suburbs Drivers Association or Pasang Masda, criticized the LTFRB for making a decision without consulting them.
Nepalese police said that the Taiwanese man named Chang Chenari was found dead in his hotel in Khumbhu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality-4 on Oct.
The speakers were namely, Yuddha Jung Gurung, a journalist; Til Bikram Thebe, Pasang Norbu Lama, Devi Limbu, Hom Rai and Raju Yonjan, MNO advisors; Arjun Syangbo Tamang, MNO spokesperson; Dhanraj Tamang, cultural MNO co-ordinator; and Alina Limbu, MNO women wing head.
ISLAMABAD -- The veteran French mountaineer Marc Batard, 66 years, has enlisted Pakistani mountaineer Mohammad Ali Sadpara along with Nepal's Pasang Nuru Sherpa to undertake a five-year mountaineering program, 'Beyond Mount Everest.'
They are Larry Sng Wei Shien, who defeated Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) secretary general Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum in Julau, and Jugah anak Muyang, who won in Lubok Antu, beating Barisan Nasional's Robert Pasang Alam, and PKR's Nicholas Bawin.
He said the Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association, Pasang Masda and Piston have already thrown their support and cooperation with the city government to get rid of all illegal terminals and parking in the city.
The leading team was Sherpas: Pemba, Jumik and Pasang; Koreans: Hwang, Park and Kim; Pakistani High Altitude Porters: Karim, Hussain and Ali and later joined by Spanish solo Alberto Zerain.