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Verb1.pass across - make a passage or journey from one place to anotherpass across - make a passage or journey from one place to another; "The tourists moved through the town and bought up all the souvenirs;" "Some travelers pass through the desert"
transit - cause or enable to pass through; "The canal will transit hundreds of ships every day"
cut - pass through or across; "The boat cut the water"
go across, pass, go through - go across or through; "We passed the point where the police car had parked"; "A terrible thought went through his mind"
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Hastening forward, he placed himself behind a projection in the wall, so as to see the person pass across the stream of light from the uncovered window of the room that he had left.
I had often admired it and I knew my way about in it; I had only, after just faltering at the first chill gloom of its disuse, to pass across it and unbolt as quietly as I could one of the shutters.
The poor partisan, therefore, was fain to leave his vagabonds among these birds of their own feather, and being too weak in numbers to attempt the dangerous pass across the mountains to meet Captain Bonneville on Salmon River, he made, with the few that remained faithful to him, for the neighborhood of Tullock's Fort, on the Yellowstone, under the protection of which he went into winter quarters.
As he turned to hand the worthless slip of paper to the Russian his glance chanced to pass across the starboard bow of the Kincaid.
With our hut as a base we sallied forth in search of a pass across the range.
He sees her consciousness return, sees a tremor pass across her frame like a ripple over water, sees her lips shake, sees her compose them by a great effort, sees her force herself back to the knowledge of his presence and of what he has said.
Rodriguez set up Roger Martinez's opening goal in the second half with a superb long pass across the pitch, and substitute Duvan Zapara scored late to seal the victory that allowed Colombia to end a 12-year winless streak against the Argentines.
"We will continue to carry out Operation Close Pass across Aberdeen and encourage anyone with concerns to report these to police on 101.
Forecaster Matthew Box said: "We have a developing low pressure that's going to pass across the northern half of the UK and it's going to bring some disruptive weather.
In the video, it could be seen that a number of trees sway back and forth in Santiago City in Isabela as 'Rosita' pass across the northern part of the country.
Sale took an early lead with Jack Moorhouse carrying an Adam Aigbokhae pass across the line, with Chris Johnson converting.
Mathare missed a glorious chance to level matters on 67 minutes as substitute John Mwangi fed Alwanga with a pass across the face of goal, but the former Tusker man opted for power with an empty net at his mercy.The win too Leopards to 42 points, seven shy of Mathare who remain winless in six games.