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Verb1.pass across - make a passage or journey from one place to anotherpass across - make a passage or journey from one place to another; "The tourists moved through the town and bought up all the souvenirs;" "Some travelers pass through the desert"
transit - cause or enable to pass through; "The canal will transit hundreds of ships every day"
cut - pass through or across; "The boat cut the water"
go across, pass, go through - go across or through; "We passed the point where the police car had parked"; "A terrible thought went through his mind"
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Hastening forward, he placed himself behind a projection in the wall, so as to see the person pass across the stream of light from the uncovered window of the room that he had left.
The poor partisan, therefore, was fain to leave his vagabonds among these birds of their own feather, and being too weak in numbers to attempt the dangerous pass across the mountains to meet Captain Bonneville on Salmon River, he made, with the few that remained faithful to him, for the neighborhood of Tullock's Fort, on the Yellowstone, under the protection of which he went into winter quarters.
They saw white sails or tufts of smoke pass across the horizon, and if you had said that these were waterspouts, or the petals of white sea flowers, they would have agreed.
With our hut as a base we sallied forth in search of a pass across the range.
While I was looking I saw the shadow of Madame Fosco pass across the white field of the blind--then pass slowly back again.
According to Pakistan Meteorological Department, monsoon is expected to withdraw from Pakistan during third week, however, westerly waves will continue to pass across north of the country.
The veteran shot-stopper sliced a woeful pass across the face of his own box, allowing Joe Garner to head home the winner.
Town took the lead 13 minutes into the second half when Jess dribbled into the box and flashed a pass across the six yard box which Ellie C gleefully stabbed home for her first of the season.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Stacking Of Stone Metal 40 Mm, Stone Chips 20 Mm, Coarse Sand And First Class Bricks For Permanent Works On Approach Roads And Service Roads At Over Pass Across Nh-64 At Km 201.
The cold spell will pass across the area on Monday with more wet and windy conditions taking over on Tuesday.
I FIND Edwina Hart's suggestion that the M4 relief road route should pass across what is a Site of Special Scientific Interest wrong in every sense (Echo, July 18).
Small scored an early goal with a neat finish across the goalkeeper and his second came on 28 minutes after Odhran Eastwood's unselfish pass across made it easy for him to palm the ball home.