also pass·a·long (păs′ə-lông′, -lŏng′)
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The information pass-along is enormous and so is the positive or negative impact.
Only the largest and most established publications have audited figures for pass-along readership, and the pass-along varies significantly.
Pass-along appraisals: As risky as it is, lenders in the past commonly used one another's appraisals--even in rapidly appreciating markets--to cut costs.
For scholars, our goal is to provide a useful starting point and impetus for further research examining pass-along email and other computer-mediated consumer-to-consumer interactions.
Its state-of-the-art text-mining technologies locate active discussion and analyze it for volume, issues, trends, potential trouble spots, corporate reputation, depth of pass-along, sentiment and polarity.
When considering potential readership, keep it mind that total circulation is the number of magazine copies printed multiplied by that magazine's pass-along rate.
It has a controlled circulation of 15,000 professionals in 200 countries with a pass-along readership of 71,000.
Flat-to incline and flat-to-adjustable-angle conveyors and combinations can be made for reliable under-press, along side the press, an pass-along parts-conveying.
In addition, the service enables a powerful pass-along (or "super-distribution") sales channel for publishers through the ease of e-mail distribution.
"This time, because we needed to get a larger sample to break out single-copy and pass-along readers, we did an oversample," Daugherty said, of about 1400 respondents.
The circulation is "500, with an incredible pass-along rate," boasts James Jorden, the openly gay New York City-based founder, publisher, editor, and chief contributor.