also pass·a·long (păs′ə-lông′, -lŏng′)
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The information pass-along is enormous and so is the positive or negative impact.
Only the largest and most established publications have audited figures for pass-along readership, and the pass-along varies significantly.
For scholars, our goal is to provide a useful starting point and impetus for further research examining pass-along email and other computer-mediated consumer-to-consumer interactions.
When considering potential readership, keep it mind that total circulation is the number of magazine copies printed multiplied by that magazine's pass-along rate.
In the case of movies, it they didn't have a loaner, I'd shell out for a rental or even pay to go to the theater but with books and music, I'd most often enjoy the pass-along of a used book or dubbed tape.
It has a controlled circulation of 15,000 professionals in 200 countries with a pass-along readership of 71,000.
This time, because we needed to get a larger sample to break out single-copy and pass-along readers, we did an oversample," Daugherty said, of about 1400 respondents.
The first of these is the pass-along model, which depicts the economy as a series of balanced transactions: supply equals demand and so forth.
He was distressed, however, that the issue of water meters and water charges was not emphasized and agreed with Spinola, suggesting a pass-along over current frontage charges be made to tenants.
First of Its Kind Online Word of Mouth Marketing Study, Commissioned by DEI Worldwide, Shows That Directly Engaging with Consumers Online Using Brand Representatives Will Motivate Purchase Intent and Increase Pass-Along
Those building owners struggling to obtain fair rents and make ends meet in a problematical rental housing market might now thing of filing offering Plans again, rather than engaging in a perpetual wrestling match with DHCR, to up rents, or get improvement pass-along.
A family business transfer or pass-along may be a comforting and expedient course of action for small business owners, but again it may not be in the best interest of either business owners, who may need to maximize the value of their business to retire comfortably or their children, who may lack the necessary experience to run the business successfully.