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 (pä′sə-käl′yə, păs′ə-kăl′yə)
1. A Spanish dance in 3/4 time.
2. The music for this dance.

[Italian, From Spanish pasacalle : pasar, to pass, step; see pase + calle, street (from Latin callis, call-, path).]


1. (Dancing) an old Spanish dance in slow triple time
2. (Music, other) a slow instrumental piece characterized by a series of variations on a particular theme played over a repeated bass part. See also chaconne1
[C17: earlier passacalle, from Spanish pasacalle street dance, from paso step + calle street; the ending -alle was changed to -aglia to suggest an Italian origin]


(ˌpɑ səˈkɑl yə, ˌpæs əˈkæl-)

n., pl. -glias.
1. a slow, dignified dance of Spanish origin.
2. the music for this dance, based on an ostinato figure.
3. a musical form based on continuous variations over a ground bass.
[1650–60; pseudo-Italian sp. of earlier passacalle < Sp pasacalle literally, step (i.e., dance) in the street =pasar to step, pace1 + calle street (< Latin callem, acc. of callis path)]
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Part X, titled Cognition, its compositional apex, introduces the excited final idea in the form of passacaglia.
Referring back to the contract, the draft discloses four statements of the passacaglia bass with slightly varied harmonization and differing rhythmic organization.
Ducharme's excellent exercise about sonnets works on the same general principles, as it suggests that students can often pick up literary knowledge inductively, rather than by imposition of prior information (Peter remembers a similar exercise which involved teaching students with little musical background what a passacaglia was).
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