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 (pä′sə-käl′yə, păs′ə-kăl′yə)
1. A Spanish dance in 3/4 time.
2. The music for this dance.

[Italian, From Spanish pasacalle : pasar, to pass, step; see pase + calle, street (from Latin callis, call-, path).]


1. (Dancing) an old Spanish dance in slow triple time
2. (Music, other) a slow instrumental piece characterized by a series of variations on a particular theme played over a repeated bass part. See also chaconne1
[C17: earlier passacalle, from Spanish pasacalle street dance, from paso step + calle street; the ending -alle was changed to -aglia to suggest an Italian origin]


(ˌpɑ səˈkɑl yə, ˌpæs əˈkæl-)

n., pl. -glias.
1. a slow, dignified dance of Spanish origin.
2. the music for this dance, based on an ostinato figure.
3. a musical form based on continuous variations over a ground bass.
[1650–60; pseudo-Italian sp. of earlier passacalle < Sp pasacalle literally, step (i.e., dance) in the street =pasar to step, pace1 + calle street (< Latin callem, acc. of callis path)]
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