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 (pä′sə-käl′yə, păs′ə-kăl′yə)
1. A Spanish dance in 3/4 time.
2. The music for this dance.

[Italian, From Spanish pasacalle : pasar, to pass, step; see pase + calle, street (from Latin callis, call-, path).]
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1. (Dancing) an old Spanish dance in slow triple time
2. (Music, other) a slow instrumental piece characterized by a series of variations on a particular theme played over a repeated bass part. See also chaconne1
[C17: earlier passacalle, from Spanish pasacalle street dance, from paso step + calle street; the ending -alle was changed to -aglia to suggest an Italian origin]
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(ˌpɑ səˈkɑl yə, ˌpæs əˈkæl-)

n., pl. -glias.
1. a slow, dignified dance of Spanish origin.
2. the music for this dance, based on an ostinato figure.
3. a musical form based on continuous variations over a ground bass.
[1650–60; pseudo-Italian sp. of earlier passacalle < Sp pasacalle literally, step (i.e., dance) in the street =pasar to step, pace1 + calle street (< Latin callem, acc. of callis path)]
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In 2017 Jan Baker of Assumption began working on a family quilt in the Millefiori quilt pattern of "La Passacaglia," not knowing she was beginning a project that would take more than a year of hard work, patience, and dedication.
His Second Quartet marked the 250th anniversary of Purcell's birth, while the Third Quartet's finale used the passacaglia form integral to the 17th century composer's music.
One of today's most exciting young talents, the German-born, US-based conductor Ruth Reinhardt opens the Orchestral Season on September 19 with a trio of brilliant showpieces: Webern's Passacaglia, Schubert's Symphony No.
Visually, too, "The Wild Pear Tree" has a simplistic elegance and the sparing use of a Bach passacaglia highlights the melancholy of a family caught in upheaval.
Stravinsky's "Great Passacaglia": Recurring Elements in the Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments.
a.CLASSICAL MUSIC: Vekonony Koncert (Easter Concert), House of Art, Moyzesova 66, Kosice, March 22, 19:00.The Easter Concert of the State Philharmonic Kosice (Statna filharmonia Kosice, (SfK) as conducted by Zbynk Muller, with Frantisek Beer on organ and Janette Katinova and Erik Jambor on pianos, will play seasonally themed music by Mirko Kraji (contemporary Slovak composer, premiere of "Dolorosa" for Orchestra), Jaromir Weinberger (Czech-US composer) Passacaglia, and C.
The evening program closes with Anton Webern's "Passacaglia," a chorale based on a passacaglia - a 17th-century dance accompanied by a repeated bass line.
Rodrigo's Three Spanish Pieces provided supreme contrast (especially between Passacaglia and Zapateado).
Halvorsen based his Passacaglia for violin and cello in G minor on the last movement of Handel's keyboard suite no.
387; Luther Henderson: Dixie Bach; Enrique Crespo: Vals Peruano; Caleb Hudson: White Rose; John Holborne/WF Mills: Muy Linda; Luther Henderson: Cool Bach; Augustm Lara/Don Bagley: Granada; Traditional/Boris Pigovat: Shalom aleichem; Luther Henderson: Bebop Bach; Jose Padilla/Don Bagley: El Relicario; Francisco Tarrega/Don Bagley: Recuerdos de la Alhambra; Bach/Neil Balm: Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor.
Memorable moments Memorable instrumental moments from the orchestra included a vivacious rendition of George Friedrich Handel's Passacaglia from Radamisto, and an impressive and moving performance of Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto for Violin and Strings RV 242 "Per Pisendel." Dmitry Sinkovsky's solos were riveting as he seemed to pour his soul into the music, playing with such fervour towards the end that the hairs on his bow began to snap.