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1. A dressage technique in which the horse turns in a circle, with the hindlegs making a smaller circle than the forelegs.
2. A passing flirtation or romance: "How can it be that the sympathy between two people like ourselves ... should end from one day to another like a mere passade?" (Edith Wharton).

[French, passado, passade, from Italian passata, from passare, to pass; see passage2.]
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(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) dressage the act of moving back and forth in the same place
[C17: via French from Italian passata, from passare to pass]
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Gemensamt for foraldrarna var att de pa ett eller annat satt fann strategier som passade just dem, som de kunde ta till nar de upplevde sig vara i behov av att tanka pa nagonting annat an sin psykiskt sjuka sons eller dotters problem for en stund.
The delicate and evocative word "passade" sprays a mist of romance over what our blunter era calls a fling, a one-night stand, a hook-up or, more often, an affair.
Mr Aspinall and his wife Rita had moved from Holmfirth to the village of Passade in Germany in June 2005 to be nearer their daughter Melanie and her children.
which are of the same size scale observed by Passade et al.