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1. A dressage technique in which the horse turns in a circle, with the hindlegs making a smaller circle than the forelegs.
2. A passing flirtation or romance: "How can it be that the sympathy between two people like ourselves ... should end from one day to another like a mere passade?" (Edith Wharton).

[French, passado, passade, from Italian passata, from passare, to pass; see passage2.]


(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) dressage the act of moving back and forth in the same place
[C17: via French from Italian passata, from passare to pass]
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La reconnaissance de paternite obligerait a formaliser des relations amoureuses concues comme des passades ou incertaines, et/ou a assumer des charges alors qu'ils sont encore dependants au plan residentiel et economique.
ayns e mig, e trobam Arago e Cathaluyna torbats, que los uns volien no u volien los altres; e haviets mala fama per lo mon per les coses que eren passades.
Si hemos encontrado un pliego en el Herbario PC, recolectado en Passades de Barroude (Pirineos franceses) por F.