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The range of frequencies transmitted by a bandpass filter.
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The Tele Vue Bandmate Type 2 Filters are offered in three select passbands: H [beta], O III, and the Nebustar, a unique ultra-high contrast (UHC) filter that peaks at both H [beta] and 0 III wavelengths.
Two passbands are centred near 28.1 GHz and 31.1 GHz, with -3 dB fractional bandwidths (FBWs) of 6.4% and 3.8%, respectively.
In addition to a narrow passband around the center frequency, these NBPFs typically have a property of having undesired multiple harmonic passbands at odd-harmonic frequencies of the passband center frequency.
* The availability in custom ranges and filter passbands on request.
The Fourier filters with the passbands corresponding to the ranges of alpha, beta, delta, and theta rhythms have been designed [4,11,12].
An improved ring resonator loaded by two varactor diodes realized dual passbands [13].
To achieve two passbands with controllable bandwidth, two poles existing in each passband are needed.
Unfortunately, the usage of FPGAs for such purposes has got some problems caused by sampling frequency restrictions and finite passbands of digital schemes.
In this paper, we propose a compact dual-band filter with two independently-tunable passbands. The proposed filter consists of a novel feeding scheme and two pairs of varactor-loaded resonators.
The part number 2DP-4.69/7.8-11 is a diplexer with passbands of 4.4 to 4.9 GHz and 7.125 to 8.5 GHz.
When CSRRs are employed in SIW, passbands based on the evanescent mode below the cutof frequency of the SIW can be created [6, 7], which can further miniaturize the size of SIW microwave devices.
However, the bandwidths of three passbands were hardly adjusted over a wide range.