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1. Something, such as a master key, that permits one to pass or go at will.
a. A border, such as a mat, that is used to frame or mount a picture.
b. An adhesive tape or a gummed paper used for a similar purpose.

[French : passer, to pass + partout, everywhere.]


(ˌpæspɑːˈtuː; French pɑspartu)
1. (Art Terms) a mounting for a picture in which strips of strong gummed paper are used to bind together the glass, picture, and backing
2. (Art Terms) the gummed paper used for this
3. (Art Terms) a mat, often decorated, on which a picture is mounted
4. (Building) something that secures entry everywhere, esp a master key
[C17: from French, literally: pass everywhere]


(ˌpæs pɑrˈtu)

1. something that passes or provides passage everywhere, as a master key.
2. an ornamental mat for a picture.
3. a method of framing in which a piece of glass is placed over a picture and is affixed to a backing by means of adhesive strips of paper pasted over the edges.
4. paper prepared for this purpose.
[1635–45; < French: literally, (it) passes everywhere]
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Noun1.passe-partout - key that secures entrance everywherepasse-partout - key that secures entrance everywhere
key - metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock's mechanism can be rotated
skeleton key - a passkey with much of the bit filed away so that it can open different locks
2.passe-partout - a mounting for a picture using gummed tape
mounting - framework used for support or display


[ˈpæspɑːtuː] Npaspartú m, passe partout m


nPassepartout nt
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Andrew, who grew up watching Passe-Partout, but somehow had never heard of La Petite Vie, now watches reruns of this iconic Quebec comedy.
The Honourable Mlanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie, and Richard Hbert, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion and Member of Parliament for Lac-Saint-Jean, announced that Club de motoneigistes Lac St-Jean and Club Passe-Partout Roberval would receive $147,983 and $139,000, respectively, in non-repayable contributions.
Caygill seems so concerned with forging the concept of accident into a passe-partout that he rejects the idea of Kafka as a writer of law or of the family, and reinterprets works like "In der Strafkolonie" (1919) and "Vor dem Gesetz" (1915) as accident narratives.
Excepto a linha junto ao chao onde as pinturas ostentam paisagens, a representacao em todas as restantes telas resume-se a molduras, passe-partout, fios e pregos que prendem os suportes a parede, sombras proprias e projectadas, papeis colados e suspensos com pedacos de fita-cola (Figura 4).
Mais c'est un anonyme, au look passe-partout, qui fait les gros titres : le hooligan, qu'il soit russe, anglais, croate ou turc, celui qui seme la violence dans les rues ou interrompt les matches.
Enclosing Gertie's image in its own painted-white passe-partout, Dawson "frames" this cherished emblem and then draws attention to the artificiality of the icon's making by showing an artist in the process of capturing Gertie in paint.
Ceci etant dit, [beaucoup moins que]il n'y a pas un remede passe-partout et le football est un sport qui se mondialise de plus en plus[beaucoup plus grand que], martele le general.
2wice's Passe-Partout for iPad is interactive in a different way.
Spanish theater troupe Yllana's performance "Muu," a satire about the world of bullfighting, honor and bravery; and Romanian theater ensemble Passe-Partout Theater Company's "Two of Us," recounting a love story through a combination of dance and theater, are two of the foreign performance highlights.
L'intention est de proposer un lexique passe-partout pour aborder la chanson du Moyen Age a aujourd'hui.
Festival highlights also include masters of physical comedy and mime from Romania's Dan Puric Passe-Partout company, a laughter special with Italy's Teatro Sotteraneo and L'Autruche (The Ostrich) by The Plasticine Men.
Ce mot passe-partout est ne de la contraction de trois autres : ma (il n'y a pas), aleh (sur lui) et shai (une chose), pour devenir un mot-valise.