Capable of feeling or suffering; sensitive: a passible type of personality.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin passibilis, from Latin passus, past participle of patī, to suffer; see pē(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

pas′si·bil′i·ty n.
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susceptible to emotion or suffering; able to feel
[C14: from Medieval Latin passibilis, from Latin patī to suffer; see passion]
ˌpassiˈbility n
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(ˈpæs ə bəl)

capable of feeling; susceptible of sensation or emotion.
[1300–50; Middle English < Medieval Latin passibilis]
pas`si•bil′i•ty, n.
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Elle precise que le medecin incrimine est passible d'une condamnation de trois annees de prison ferme.
Information was to be forwarded to the state's attorney for passible charges to be filed against a man, age 29, after the investigation is completed.
Il faut bien dire que cette situation est preoccupante dans la mesure ou elle passible, de plus en plus, a tourner au vinaigre et mettre toute la region dans la braise.
At present, he added, Pakistan struggling to give a considerable boost to its exports, which can be passible by focusing also on the non-traditional partners, adding that imposition of Regulatory Duty 731 import-items is not a solution to bring down trade deficit.
Premierement, il s'agit d'etre capable de retracer le fil de la discussion et de trier ce qui sera passible d'analyse, tout en excluant ce qui n'interesse pas et pourquoi, en reconstituant factuellement ce qui crea le litige.
"But there's a focus that needs to be placed on our core market that we currently serve and making sure that we give them the very best passible service."
"Penguins of Madagascar'' is a passible, inoffensive addition to DreamWorks Animation's canon, even if there's a faint whiff of a North Wind spinoff sullying the contained story.
Une fois que nous aurons defini la figure de Garzon et ses fonctions comme procureur de l'Audiencia Nacional, nous analyserons la resolution a l'etude pour determiner si le Juge est passible d'activisme judiciaire ou non.
Considering three important factor of management, marketing and achievement of all passible export market, we have to try to succeed in term of global business and beside this make it possible to have improved our domestic economy and assent our position in global ranking of all countries according to domestic economy.