passing note

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passing note

n. Music
A note that connects two consonant pitches by stepwise motion and usually occurs on a weak beat. Also called passing tone.

passing note


passing tone

(Pop Music) music a nonharmonic note through which a melody passes from one harmonic note to the next. Compare auxiliary note

pass′ing note`

a musical note that is foreign to a harmony and is introduced between two successive chord tones in order to produce a melodic transition. Also called pass′ing tone`.
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Noun1.passing note - a nonharmonic note inserted for transition between harmonic notespassing note - a nonharmonic note inserted for transition between harmonic notes
musical note, note, tone - a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; "the singer held the note too long"
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He made no mention of the actions of police, and I think that even a passing note would have helped heal some of the pain and anger in the wake of the vote, that saw 90 per cent of 2.
Had it not been for a chance encounter with a grizzly bear along the Grand River in what is now northwestern South Dakota, says Professor McLaird, Hugh Glass would barely warrant a passing note in fur-trade history.
The report is no more than a conspiratorial document that does not deserve even a passing note as it was cooked up by a US individual organization which is unknown to the international community in a bid to gain its political clout.
And on a passing note, rather than taxing the very rich, appeal to them to donate what they can afford to help their nation.
Unfortunately, the charges against Daoud appear validated by every passing note his brothers compare, so the two resolve to question him about his relationship with a particularly brutal arm of the Israeli intelligence service called the Shabak.
It is therefore of more than passing note that in a February 23, 2007 story in The Christian Science Monitor that the newspaper is reporting a move underway in Ethiopia toward establishing a commodities exchange.
This does not deserve even a passing note as it was nothing but an oft-repeated ridiculous jargon made by a right-wing conservative of Japan hell-bent on the confrontation with the DPRK,'' the KCNA report said.
It was written just a few years before Schubert's early death, and it contains more than a passing note of melancholy.
While most recall him for the disease which claims his life, his baseball record is also of more than passing note.
When she tossed her arms and head sideways, they floated as if caught by a passing note.
These essays focus most intensely upon epistemological issues for which Insight is the pertinent text; they thus generally take only passing note of the broader social and value contexts for human knowing which Lonergan elaborated later, e.
40 in G minor, level i, the surface, consists entirely of downward intervals of one step or upward intervals of six steps (in traditional terms, downward seconds/upward sevenths), except for two places where an implied passing note (P) or suspension (S) may be heard to maintain the stream of such intervals.