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Noun1.passing play - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammatepassing play - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate; "the coach sent in a passing play on third and long"
American football, American football game - a game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays
football play - (American football) a play by the offensive team
aerial, forward pass - a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer
lateral, lateral pass - a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
spot pass - a pass to a designated spot on the field; the receiver should arrive at that spot the same time the ball does
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Villa added "Barcelona owes its success to his evolution: a direct style of passing play based on possession." During Villa's time in Barcelona, he formed a massive partnership with Messi and Pedro Rodriguez that led the team to win two Spanish League titles, two Spanish Super Cup titles, 2012 Spanish Cup title, 2011 UEFA Super Cup title, 2011 FIFA Club World Cup title.
Stewart bagged his double as neat passing play from Edwards and Scott Roberston saw the wing-back slot the ball into the bottom corner.
At 32:12 Joey Martin finished off a nice passing play from Mike Hedden and Sean Bentivoglio to give the Devils a 4-2 lead, which they held onto until the end of the period.
A strong start saw threatening passing play across the pitch that left Town unfortunate not to be rewarded with a goal.
Some great passing play at the top of the D resulted in Ralph crashing home a great goal to make it 4-0.
A big passing play on the next drive brought the Panthers to the Lions' 2-yard line.
Merseyside took the one point lead into the break but the third quarter proved to be their undoing as Sheffield started strongly, scoring on a deep passing play, to regain the lead and scored twice more without reply to take a commanding 40-21 lead.
Both Andersen, and the lone defenceman back, Roman Polak, looked helpless on the nice passing play.
Devils pulled netminder Ben Bowns early and Joey Haddad broke Stewart's shut-out at the end of a good passing play.
There were two hat tricks and some excellent passing play from the visitors on Westend's artificial pitch.
Instead of letting Lynch blast over the line, the Seahawks attempted an absurdly high-risk passing play that involved the quarterback finding a receiver in a crowded area of the pitch and trusting him to catch a short, torpedoed pass and then cross for the touchdown.