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1. Moving by; going past: The child waved to the passing cars.
2. Of brief duration; transitory: a passing fancy.
3. Cursory or superficial; casual: a passing glance.
4. Allowing one to pass a test, course of study, inspection, or examination; satisfactory: a passing grade.
5. Archaic Extreme or great; surpassing: "'Tis a passing shame" (Shakespeare).
Very; surpassingly: "I will mention only one particular aspect of the current mess because ... this one is surely something new and passing strange" (Walker Percy).
1. The act of one that passes or the fact of having passed: the passing of another summer.
2. A place where or a means by which one can pass.
3. Death.
in passing
While going by; incidentally.

pass′ing·ly adv.


in passing; in a passing manner
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For example, in their fight against the Soviets, as mentioned by Hosseini passingly, the Mujahideen rely on the weapons provided by the U.
Unlike my education in continental philosophy, with Eastern religions, I'm a dilettante--a stereotypical American who passingly wants to master stress management.
Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria and Malta also have similar programmes but of these only Portugal was passingly mentioned in the report.
Anyone at least passingly familiar with the Cold War knows about the American (and, occasionally, allied) overflights of the Soviet Union.
More than a device used passingly by the author to track the remains of the city, the corpse is itself the city: it may crawl along with it, or -- like the city -- be scattered into limbs and fragments.
Those who insistently call Quicksilver 'cousin Frank' are 'gentlemen of good phrase, perfect language, passingly behaved, gallants that wear socks and clean linen' (1.
If so, then this final tableau in the sequence described would be a reference not, as Brude-Firnau argues, to Goethe's paternal relationship with the young Weimar princess, Caroline, but, as she passingly allows (Brude-Firnau, 414), to Goethe's marriage to Christiane Vulpius, the symbolic personal act that was his response to the battle.
NO one who is even passingly familiar with the history of the Chicago Police Department can claim to be surprised by a new report showing that the department is plagued by systemic racism and operates with utter disregard for the lives of the black citizens whom it batters, maims and kills.
Omer al-Bashir spoke naively, passingly, about compensation of the survivors and the relatives of his genocidal victims in lieu of waiving and relinquishing their demand for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the arrest and the trial of Omar al-Bashir and his regime's entourage.
Other communities like the Bulgarians, Armenians, and Jews are passingly mentioned and thus, we do not exactly know to what extent were they affected by the boycotts and even more importantly, what was their stance toward it?
34) Gooden passingly observes the prevalence of a drinking culture--the University's "boat-races" typically "excite much interest, many bets and considerable quantity of swearing in general, and drunkenness in particular.
Anyone even passingly familiar with the Hebrew Bible's account of David's life in the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles knows the highlights: the slaying of Goliath, the unifying of the Israelites after the death of King Saul and his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba, the mother of King Solomon.