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1. Moving by; going past: The child waved to the passing cars.
2. Of brief duration; transitory: a passing fancy.
3. Cursory or superficial; casual: a passing glance.
4. Allowing one to pass a test, course of study, inspection, or examination; satisfactory: a passing grade.
5. Archaic Extreme or great; surpassing: "'Tis a passing shame" (Shakespeare).
Very; surpassingly: "I will mention only one particular aspect of the current mess because ... this one is surely something new and passing strange" (Walker Percy).
1. The act of one that passes or the fact of having passed: the passing of another summer.
2. A place where or a means by which one can pass.
3. Death.
in passing
While going by; incidentally.

pass′ing·ly adv.
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in passing; in a passing manner
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Hayek does passingly offer one answer to this question:
Anyone even passingly familiar with the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the "World Series" quake that struck in 1989 or the Northridge event of 1994 knows that the Golden State is a hotbed of seismic activity.
And don't worry if you're only passingly familiar with Laurel and Hardy -- their comedy is timeless.
might feel Graham passingly applies these attributes to himself.
(412) Madison did not address this issue directly, and passingly appears to have swept in both types of indeterminacy.
and then go back to work the next day and work on the [Glamour] essay in my free time." She later passingly mentions that when she got members of the band Pokemon figurines to celebrate a touring cycle ending, she got herself the lava slug, Slugma; you get the sense that she thinks she could be working faster.
If my local mechanic is competent and diligent and at least passingly familiar with my aircraft type then I'll get not only a legal sign off, but confidence that nothing big and ominous is wrong.
Race is only passingly considered through the casual racism of the past and a caste system based on skin types in the future, as well as questions about "foreignness" by both Adriane and her classmates.
That Hardy was concerned with death, bereavement, and memory will come as no surprise to anyone even passingly acquainted with his work, but it is through an interrogation of the inconsistency and unreliability of the latter that Benziman establishes Hardy's contribution to a modern form of elegy.
It is an idea so widely and passingly noted that it stands in danger of not being seen.
article also draws on participant observation in OWS (and passingly in
For example, in their fight against the Soviets, as mentioned by Hosseini passingly, the Mujahideen rely on the weapons provided by the U.S.