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tr.v. pas·si·vat·ed, pas·si·vat·ing, pas·si·vates
1. To treat or coat (a metal) in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface.
2. To coat (a semiconductor, for example) with an oxide layer to protect against contamination and increase electrical stability.

pas′si·va′tion n.
pas′si·va·tor n.
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the process of passivating a material
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International Resource News-April 23, 2019--Picosun Group reveals results of micro-LED performance using ALD passivation
Re-passivation of the medical device--the stainless steels alloys used already have a natural passivation outer surface of chromium oxide--is therefore required following this process, according to Coherent, which typically causes this type of mark to fade.
Chinese solar module manufacturer Jinko Solar has categorically rejected allegations made by Korean rival Hanwha Q Cells that it has used Hanwha's passivation technology on its own solar cells.
The property that protects the glass is similar to the one that keeps stainless steel from corroding when in contact with water, called passivation.
Miraclean[R] supplies high performance ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning equipment for parts cleaning and mold cleaning, parts washers with agitation and ultrasonics, passivation lines (nitric or citric), electropolish systems, titanium anodize systems, and liquid penetrant inspection lines.
Hydrogen passivation of defects within silicon has been exploited and evaluated for several decades with perhaps more related published papers than most areas of semiconductor physics relating to semiconductor devices.
Generally, corrosion resistance in Fe-Cr alloys is associated with the formation of a passivation layer.
Passivation: An acid cleaning process designed to remove free iron from the surface of corrosion resistant steels.
Figure 1(c) is optimized structure of MSNBs covered by Si[O.sub.2] passivation layer and hemisphere Ag back reflection layer which we named MSNBsH.
Astro Pak's newly acquired AS9100 Certified Class 10,000 Cleanroom facility in Florida equips the company to serve the precision cleaning, testing and passivation requirements for Southeast based aerospace customers.