passive immunity

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passive immunity

Immunity acquired by the transfer of antibodies from another individual, as through injection or placental transfer to a fetus.

passive immunization n.
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pas′sive immu′nity

immunity that results from an external source, as injected antibody, or in infants from maternal antibody passed through the placenta or received from breast milk.
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Noun1.passive immunity - an impermanent form of acquired immunity in which antibodies against a disease are acquired naturally (as through the placenta to an unborn child) or artificially (as by injection of antiserum)
acquired immunity - immunity to a particular disease that is not innate but has been acquired during life; immunity can be acquired by the development of antibodies after an attack of an infectious disease or by a pregnant mother passing antibodies through the placenta to a fetus or by vaccination
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Antibody-based immunotherapies include passive immunization, active immunization, and targeting disease-specific epitopes.
Genuine Verorab, Speeda, and Rabipur vaccines are used for pre-exposure vaccination or post-exposure prophylaxis while genuine Equirab serum provides passive immunization against rabies, WHO said.
Prevention of hepatitis A through active or passive immunization: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
Immunoneutralization against endogenous inhibin may be one of the best ways to elevate fertility rate, since superovulation by either active or passive immunization techniques have provided good results where ovarian inhibin contributes to the negative feedback regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) secretion [7,8].
The technique of introducing pre-formed antibodies into the body to create immunity is known as passive immunization.
Protection of mice from fatal bubonic and pneumonic plague by passive immunization with monoclonal antibodies against the F1 protein of Yersinia pestis.
It is being developed for the passive immunization of the infant population.
Hence this study is an attempt to provide an overview of the possibility of replacing IgG antisera by IgY antibodies for passive immunization. This present study is comparing the productivity of IgY in hens and the IgG in rabbit against the attenuated anti-rabies virus.
aeruginosa burn infection via induction of IL-17 encouraged us to study active and passive immunization strategies using bivalent flagellin in order to provide full-fledged protection against various P.
Hepatitis B immunoglobulin (HBIG) passive immunization in conjunction with HBV vaccination may also be administered to infants born to HBeAg-positive mothers.
Other methods to reduce losses due to ETEC are active immunization (intramuscular immunization with fimbriae or oral immunization with attenuated or non-virulent strains which contain fimbriae), passive immunization (oral administration of yolk immunoglobulin from eggs (IgY) against fimbriae), use of powdered plasma proteins (FAIRBROTHER et al., 2005), and intranasal vaccines in piglets to prevent diarrhea (LIN et al., 2013).

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