passive matrix display

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Noun1.passive matrix display - a type of LCD display used for some portable computers; parallel wires run both vertically and horizontally and pixels are turned on when the wires intersecting at that pixel are both energized; "passive matrix displays are generally inferior to active matrix displays"
dual scan display - a type of passive matrix display in which the top and bottom half of the screen are refreshed simultaneously
LCD, liquid crystal display - a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field; used for portable computer displays and watches etc.
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Passive matrix display applications range from cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to GPS and marine sonar.
The passive matrix display depends upon a good ambient or room light source to provide the brightness.
With increased performance requirements, including higher resolution and wider color gamut for maps and other information, thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) are gaining ground over passive matrix displays for console applications.