passive movement

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pas·sive move·ment

n. movimiento pasivo, movimiento creado por una persona asistente que ayuda al paciente a realizar movimientos sin que el paciente tenga que hacer esfuerzo muscular alguno.
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It is reported that in rabbits, continuous passive movement is essential for complete healing of joints [26, 27] and in the other hand, it is obvious that normal weight bearing in the articular surfaces are necessary for the maintenance of cartilage [26].
Measurement of passive movement is indicated in order to assess joint restrictions and to help diagnose these disorders.
The system to measure passive stiffness of the lumbar region consists of a passive movement device and a six-camera, three-dimensional motion capture system (Motion Analysis Corporation; Santa Rosa, California).
"Robbie has wear a CPM (Continual Passive Movement) machine for up to hours a day which provides a continuous passive motion on the left side of his hip," explained Connelly.
One disadvantage of a gait robot is that passive movement practice is not optimal for motor learning.
Finally, the subjects in the present study stood for 90 minutes per week with no other stretching or passive movement interventions being performed (it is not clear whether this precluded standing transfers).
* Treatment of the highly irritable, severely painful shoulder with gentle passive movement may be extremely effective, if the technique used is performed slowly, smoothly and with continuous awareness of the effect on the subject's symptoms (Figure 4).
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