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Noun1.passive source - an informant who is not assigned to obtain specific intelligence but who routinely passes on whatever information he or she has
informant, source - a person who supplies information
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Therefore, sports continue to gain prominence as an active and passive source of entertainment across the globe.
More than being a passive source of comfort, a growing number of scientific studies show that dogs do empathize with humans.
The exhibition, which is sure to attract fashion lovers from far, wide and further, will be divided into five specific themes: Transformation - will present shoes that are the things of myth and legend; Status - will reveal how impractical shoes have been worn to represent privileged and leisurely lifestyles; Seduction - shoes representing an expression of sexual empowerment or a passive source of pleasure; Creation - how they're constructed, the beautiful craftsmanship, supply and demand; Obsession - the joy and fascination of collecting/owning/wearing.
passive source, or the taxpayer had other passive-source income of at
Passive source is not associated with heat release and in the simulation, pollutant that is generated from the floor surface.
If you create some passive source of income (e.g., book, video, newsletter) that works while you play, so much the better.
Stability is an important consideration when designing an amplifier.|1-3~ Both the overall amplifier and each individual stage must be determined to be stable.|4,5~ Unless the traditional stability factor|6~ k in conjunction with|4~ |B.sub.1~ indicates that a network is unconditionally stable, and both a passive source and load are expected, stability circles must be computed.|2~ These circles are then displayed simultaneously with the source and load reflection coefficients.
Senior citizens typically depend upon passive sources of income, such as pension, dividend, interest, rentals etc.
856, in general, an entity must derive 95% of its gross income from passive sources (interest, dividends, rents, capital gains, etc.) and 75% of its gross income from passive real property sources (mortgage interest, real estate rents, gains on real estate sales, etc.).
In addition to the income distribution requirements, mortgage REITs are required to hold 75 percent of their assets in the form of mortgage securities, agency securities or cash equivalents, and are required to earn at least 95 percent of their income from passive sources such as interest, dividends and capital gains.
At least 95 percent of a REIT's gross income per tax year must be from passive sources, and at least 75 percent must come from real estate investments.
The maximum Passive Activity loss from rental real estate allowed is $25,000 and this may be used as an offset against income from non passive sources (e.g.