Of or relating to a liquid-crystal display that controls an entire row of cells in the liquid-crystal layer with a single transistor.
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of or pertaining to a relatively low-resolution liquid-crystal display (LCD) with low contrast, used esp. for laptop computers. Compare active matrix.
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The rising demand for organic light-emitting diode (OLED), Passive-Matrix OLED (PMOLED), roll-able transparent displays have played a pivotal role in driving the market further.
Active-matrix addressed displays look brighter and sharper than passive-matrix addressed displays of the same size, and generally have quicker response times, producing much better images.
For example, LCD manufacturer Newhaven Display can customize its passive-matrix displays to include a built-in temperature compensation circuit, a cost efficient onboard thermal sensitive circuit that adjusts the display's contrast automatically with changes in the ambient temperature.
OLED display can be classified into two major driving types: the passive-matrix (PM) driving and active-matrix (AM) driving.
Local panel makers are not yet ready to turn out active-matrix OLEDs (AMOLEDs); so they are focusing on passive-matrix (PMOLED) products, especially monochrome and area-color panels, both of which are mature items with relatively low prices.
In the Others segment, sales decreased 5.0% year on year to JPY 18,033 million (US$156.8 million), mainly reflecting lower sales of business-use AV systems, factory automation systems and passive-matrix organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.
(SNMD), for the manufacture and sale of full-color passive-matrix OLED display devices in a specific model mobile telephone.
The processor is often low-end on the cheaper laptops and the display is what we call a passive-matrix, which is the least expensive display.
Screens: There generally are two types of laptop screens: The less expensive and less attractive is a passive-matrix, dual-scan screen; the more expensive and higher quality one is an active-matrix screen, which produces more accurate colors, greater contrast and wider viewing angles.
Lisa Harrington, Polaroid's marketing manager for LCD products, predicts that, as prices decline further, more K-12 educators will move out of passive-matrix and adopt active-matrix panels.
have combined their expertise to develop of passive-matrix liquid crystal display that rivals the performance of costly active-matrix technology (E&P, Mar.