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Adj.1.pastel-colored - having pale delicate colors
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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Then how about tying pastel-colored faux leaf trimmings around your linens to make napkin rings?
Keep your cool-literally and figuratively-in pastel-colored coordinates that give off a preppy vibe.
When I was 13, I wore pastel-colored tracksuits and a shiny yellow-and-black Batman pin to school every day.
Private label Sun Kissed celebrates the relaxed "athleisure" with pastel-colored separates made to contrast and complement.
Jennifer Saunders, in her autobiography revealed that the 68-year-old country singer had the most beautiful angels and beautiful butterflies and baskets of flowers in pastel-colored tattoos, the New York Daily News reported.
THE WAR INSIDE: FIGHTING DEPRESSION IN PALESTINE n Palestine, television does not air commercials for antidepressants, nor do magazines feature full-page, pastel-colored ads suggesting you ask your doctor if a particular pill is right for you.
"In Jelly Dot, now all is well, / And children everywhere the story tell, / For they too have known what it is to turn blue, / Before Mommy's kisses cured their booboos." The light, pastel-colored illustrations add the perfect, cushy touch to this nursery-rhyme style story about the sadness and happiness of early childhood.
Among the latest here is a pastel-colored piece from the Metro Collection, which is of mercerized cotton and has a looped construction; several new rich colorations for the ornately patterned Estates Collection, which is of 100 percent wool pile and uses hand-carved details for added texture; three new rounds, as well as standard sizes, for Heirloom Sand from the wool Antiquity Collection; and two new shades for the Historic Collection.
You'd start with a little plastic car, and as you made your way along the gameboard, accumulate pink and blue pegs and piles of pastel-colored cash.
Her work explores dark themes such as loneliness and longing in bright, airy, pastel-colored scenes and collages.
But there are ample surprises too: The baroque pop of "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" recalls classic-era Kinks, while the penultimate "Fade Together" is a dreamy, pastel-colored ballad in three-quarter time, Alas, no same-sex come-ons, a la their early single "Michael," but only the hardest of hearts could spurn this stellar second effort.
Its vibrant orange blooms stand out like a beacon amid pastel-colored gift plants like azaleas and orchids.