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or pas·tel·list  (pă-stĕl′ĭst)
An artist who works in the medium of pastels.

pastelist, pastellist

an artist who specializes in the use of pastels.
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With regard to the sheer ambiguity of Samaras's oeuvre, it is significant that the medium of pastel was once largely the province of "women's art," thanks, in part, to the prestige of the accomplished Venetian pastelist Rosalba Camera (1675-1757); in time, she became the medium's patron saint, admired by the flourishing societies of pastelists during the late nineteenth century, which had a disproportionately female membership.
Wolf Kahn is a German Painter, Pastelist, and Printmaker.
There will be two artists demonstrating their particular medium - a pastelist and a watercolourist.