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or pas·tel·list  (pă-stĕl′ĭst)
An artist who works in the medium of pastels.
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pastelist, pastellist

an artist who specializes in the use of pastels.
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(28) Jean-Alexis Cornu (1755-1807) was a pastellist and an art teacher.
Roslin married the aforementioned pastellist, Marie-Suzanne Giroust, who became an academicienne in 1770.
Elected a Master Pastellist by Pastel Artists Canada in 2008, he is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and a juried member of Oil Painters of America.
For example, in one instance, Coccoris takes us back to the 18th century, where what might possibly be a European court beauty, in a portrait by the wonderfully accomplished French pastellist, Etienne Liotard, is pictured admiring a hyacinth flowering in a matula, a direct ancestor of the bulb vases we know today, except matulas (also used to carry urine samples to the physician) were carried upright in small wicker baskets.