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Adj.1.pasteurised - having been subjected to pasteurization in order to halt fermentation
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Some foods need processing to make them safe, such as milk, which needs to be pasteurised to remove any harmful bacteria.
com just published a new market research report: Analysis and Forecast Report on Pasteurised Milk Market in China
The pasteurised liquid egg was supplied to Kensey Foods in Cornwall and Memory Lane Cakes Ltd in Cardiff, who used it to make the products which were supplied to supermarkets, the FSA said.
The expanded plant will continue to produce three product lines: milk, which accounts for 80% of the current total, pasteurised and drinking yoghurt.
She said: "I was touched by the number of premature and sick babies being fed with pasteurised donor milk.
Several of the UK's biggest unpasteurised cheese producers were forced to use pasteurised milk in their products for the first time last year as they awaited TB lab test results.
Q What is the difference between pasteurised and UHT milk?
This destroys all bacteria and makes it last much longer than ordinary pasteurised milk.
Pasteurised egg means that the product is salmonella, listeria and E.
Pasteurised milk, which involves a process to kill off bacteria, came second and others which scored highly include tea bags and screw-top wine bottles.
It is hoped that following the code will assist operators in ensuring that their products have been correctly pasteurised and that the risk of post-pasteurisation contamination has been avoided.