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Adj.1.pasteurised - having been subjected to pasteurization in order to halt fermentation
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LAHORE -- Complying with the Punjab food regulator's order, milk suppliers in the provincial capital have started shifting towards the sale of pasteurised milk.
Briefing the media about the pasteurisation law and its execution plan as well as daily milk consumption, he said they would start provision of pasteurised milk at doorstep of the consumers in light of the survey results.
He said that provision of pure milk to people would be possible through pasteurising of milk and in model city, only pasteurised milk would be available.
Karachi -- Chairperson Sindh Board of Investment Ms.Naheed Memon said that establishment of Barkat Frisian Pasteurised egg plant in collaboration with Dutch Company in Bin Qasim industrial park is a sign of trust of international companies on Pakistan's economy.
In 2014, the milk plant began milk bulking where they bought milk from the farmer, pasteurised it and sold it a profit through milk "automated teller machines"."We started with 200 litres per day but now we receive and pasteurise 10,000 litres a day," said Mr Rotich proudly.
Because Ernie's lover Sue liked to bathe in milk and he'd load up his cart saying: "Do you want it pasteurised? Cause pasteurised is best.
(NYSE: POST) has agreed to acquire Illinois-based pasteurised egg supplier National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc, the company said.
Some foods need processing to make them safe, such as milk, which needs to be pasteurised to remove any harmful bacteria.
Our strongest value proposition to the consumer is twofold the fact that we use a steam sterilisation process, ensuring that our raw imports are naturally pasteurised, but still retain their natural colour, flavour and nutrients; and we offer a high quality, innovative product that encompasses interesting blends and mixes.
We in our study had involved the people by house to house survey, explained the quality of the milk they used and motivated them to use packed and pasteurised milk and be on the safer zone.
The oyster mushroom took significantly less time to colonise the autoclaved sugarcane bagasse (36 days) compared to sugar cane bagasse pasteurised for 2 h (64 days).