pasteurized milk

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Noun1.pasteurized milk - milk that has been exposed briefly to high temperatures to destroy microorganisms and prevent fermentation
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
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They enable processing of milk, leading to the production of pasteurized milk, cream, cheese, butter, milk powder, and other dairy products.
According to Oldways officials, it has only been since the last century that cheese began to be made with pasteurized milk.
A control sample and milk enhanced with conjugated linoleic acid were processed into pasteurized milk, butter and fermented milk products.
Furthermore, raw milk has been found by some researchers to be a low-risk food that may actually have some nutritional and even medicinal qualities not found in pasteurized milk.
They meet FDA Rule 21 CFR 113,40 requirements for temperature indicators used in retorts, and the requirements of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for dairy applications.
Even the lactulose content, which is the second major indicator of milk freshness, is equivalent to that of pasteurized milk.
2%, pasteurized milk - 1%, dairy products, flour - 0.
Proponents of raw milk claim it's more nutritious than pasteurized milk, which has been heated to kill bacteria.
The construction of the processing plant, which includes a 5000 liter cold storage, was started in January last year and the plant has been producing pasteurized milk since December.
A government-enforced price cap on fresh pasteurized milk will be lifted on Monday, allowing the market to regulate the price of this basic commodity once more.
Raw dairy proponents object, saying that pasteurized milk is less nutritious and pasteurization does not guarantee that milk is safe.
The rate of disease outbreaks linked to unpasteurized, or raw, milk was 150 times greater than outbreaks linked to pasteurized milk, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.