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 (păs′chə-rīz′, păs′tə-)
tr.v. pas·teur·ized, pas·teur·iz·ing, pas·teur·iz·es
To subject (a beverage or other food) to pasteurization.

pas′teur·iz′er n.


(ˈpæstəˌraɪzə; -stjə-; ˈpɑː-) or


1. (Cookery) an apparatus for pasteurizing substances (esp milk)
2. (Brewing) an apparatus for pasteurizing substances (esp milk)
3. (Cookery) a person who carries out pasteurization
4. (Brewing) a person who carries out pasteurization
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A low-cost flash pasteurizer is now available from Goodnature Products, Inc.
bottle high-speed rotary bottle filling machine; Uni-Pak bottle rinser, Climax case unloader; GFE depalletizer, Industrial Dynamics x-ray inspection unit; Meyer steam-heated pasteurizer; Olincraft six-pack packer, Alvey automatic loading/stacking machine; Knapp tray packer.
Product enters the pasteurizer via a balance tank and is pumped to the plate or tubular heat exchanger for regenerative heating.
At the same time, the opportunity has beef taken to upgrade the other existing pasteurizer with an overpressure system and an automatic attemporation loop for precise temperature coftrol.
This new equipment comprises a 30,000 litre per hour Tetra Clip 10 plate heat exchanger for milk preheating and skim pasteurization, a 3000 litre an hour Tetra Clip 6 PHE for duty as a cream pasteurizer, three hot water sets and associated pumps, valves and ancillary equipment.
Because of the integration of the central heat exchange supply (CHESS) system and the computerized PU control system, the channel pasteurizer achieves optimum energy and water consumption figures, we are assured.