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 (pă-stē′chō, -chē-ō, pä-)
n. pl. pas·tic·ci (-chē)
A work or style produced by borrowing fragments, ingredients, or motifs from various sources; a potpourri.

[Italian, from Vulgar Latin *pastīcium, pasty; see patisserie.]

Pastiche, Pasticcio

 a medley, potpourri or hotchpotch; an opera made up of various pieces; a picture based on another’s design or style.
Examples: pasticcio of gauzes, pins and ribbons, 1785; our operas begin tomorrow with a pasticcio full of my favourite songs—Walpole, 1752.
References in classic literature ?
But as you are only a novelist, I compliment you heartily on your clever little pasticcio, adding, however, that as an account of what actually passed between myself and Hetty, it is the wildest romance ever penned.
Here is the Mazarin architecture, the wretched Italian pasticcio of the Four Nations.
mousaka, sougla, pasticcio, etc, under the directions of a chef.
Questa supposta tragedia non ha nessuna di quelle qualificazioni e doti per cui le si potrebbe dare titolo siffatto: quindi non essendo ne poema ne molto meno lirica si deve confessare che e un vero pasticcio ed un vero caos indigesto .
PASTICCIO Lynette The day you left us stands out clear, it's hard to imagine you're no longer here, you were loved and respected by all whom you met, for a person like you we will never forget.
Even if Rossini did not arrange the music himself, it is not impossible that he might at least have supervised it: for his pasticcio Robert Bruce produced for the Opera in 1847, librettist Gustave Vaez and composer Louis Niedermeyer were sent to Bologna to sort out the musical materials with Rossini (see Mark Everist, "Partners in Rhyme: Alphonse Royer, Gustave Vaez, and Foreign Opera in Paris during the July Monarchy," in Fashions and Legacies of Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera, ed.
Paralelamente, se muestra en esta obra como una practica tan extendida en la opera italiana como el pasticcio (crear una obra nueva a partir de otra, u otras, preexistentes) se da tambien en la zarzuela nueva pocos anos despues de su aparicion.
Mr Farage, who enjoys fine food and wine in restaurants like Il Pasticcio near the European Parliament, has been making equally dubious allies.
We eagerly wait for the publication by John in this series of the pasticcio opera Giove in Argo.
e poi 'o pasticcio cca vicino, alle Botteghe Oscure" (27); "In quel torno di tempo i giornali avevano molto parlato del 'tenebroso' delitto di via Valadier, poi di quell'altro, ancor piu fosco, di via Montebello" (37); and "Li cronisti e il telefono avevano rotto l'anima tutta la sera: tanto a via Marulana che giu, a Sante Stefene.
Previously he had given Charlie Appleby''s Pasticcio a real fright at Lingfield, and it is likely that repeat of either of those runs will see him hard to beat in an ordinary event.
Previously he had given Charlie Appleby's Pasticcio a real fright at Lingfield, and it is likely that repeat of either of those runs will see him hard to beat in an ordinary event.