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A pair of decorative coverings that conceal a woman's nipples, worn usually by exotic dancers.

[From paste.]
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The CPA submitted the application for PGI in 2002 to protect the quality and reputation of the Cornish pasty and to ensure that only Cornish bakers who make genuine Cornish pasties use this denomination when selling and marketing their produce.
ACTRESS Milla Jovovich is desperate for a new modelling contract - advertising Greggs pasties.
The shop in the city centre now takes its range of pasties and other hot and cold food direct to factories and business parks.
Brian, 23, of Westgate Road, Newcastle, bought a pack of five frozen lamb and vegetable pasties from Maxifreeze in the city's Grainger Market and took them home to cook.
To make six pasties you will need 450g (1lb 4oz) of lamb neck fillet, cut into small cubes, one finely diced cooking apple, one finely diced eating apple, one red onion, peeled and finely sliced, one small potato, peeled and diced, a vegetable stock cube, 75ml of cider, one tbsp of chopped fresh tarragon, 450g (1lb 4oz) of ready made puff pastry, and salt and pepper to season.
It is very good fun and we have had some terrific compliments about the place and the pasties because they are handmade in Cornwall and shipped to us once a week for us to bake.'
FORGET high-energy drinks n Tesco Value cheese and onion pasties are rocket fuel for one winning Welsh rugby team.
Cameron, 28, is supporting the fight to ditch VAT on toasted sandwiches following George Osborne's U-turn over pasties. He's among an army of Subway franchisees who are angry they still have to add 20% to products while rivals selling pasties don't.
Six Cornish MPs have said they will look to build a coalition of Labour MPs and other disgruntled Government MPs - Lib Dem and Conservative - across the country opposed to the Chancellor's Budget plan to make pasties and other hot baked foods subject to VAT.
As the country descended into chaos thanks to the threatened fuel strike, all our esteemed leaders wanted to talk about was pasties.
Just visit the South Wales Echo stand this Thursday located just off Churchill Way, Cardiff city centre, buy your copy of the Echo and bag one of the 500 pasties that Peter's will be giving away on the day.