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 (păs′tər-ə-lĭz′əm, pä′stər-)
1. The quality or state of being pastoral. Used especially of a literary work.
2. An economic system or way of life based on the raising and herding of livestock.

pas′tor·al·ist n.


(ˈpæs tər əˌlɪz əm, ˈpɑ stər-)

the herding of domesticated animals as the primary economic activity of a society.


a writing style that focuses on the life of shepherds or herdsman. — pastoralist, n.
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the herding or tending of cattle as a primary economic activity or occupation. Also pasturage. — pastoralist, n. — pastoral, adj.
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the herding or tending of cattle as a primary economic activity or occupation. Also called pasturage. — pastoralist, n.pastoral, adj.
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References in classic literature ?
These romances, carrying further the tendency which appears in Sidney's 'Arcadia,' are among the most extravagant of all products of the romantic imagination--strange melanges of ancient history, medieval chivalry, pastoralism, seventeenth century artificial manners, and allegory of current events.
Human-wildlife conflict has intensified and pastoralism is no longer a viable land use or livelihood strategy.
The new PADEL-Mali project will support the development of sedentary livestock systems and value chains and is an essential complement to the existing Regional Sahel Pastoralism Support Project (PRAPS); it integrates the World Bank Group portfolio very deliberately to provide support to the whole livestock sector in Mali, said Soukeyna Kane, World Bank Country Director for Mali.
It is clear that Nigeria, and indeed Africa, have to plan towards the transformation of pastoralism into settled forms of animal husbandry.
The book is organised chronologically within the three major themes of Indigenous people, agriculture and pastoralism, and protection--a structure that is initially confusing but allows for complexity in the historical account.
Her student work, the short Phantasy Quartet (1928), combines gentle pastoralism and ecstatic moments while the late String Quintet (1982) is leaner and less ebullient, with the final theme and variations gradually falling into silence - an austerely beautiful piece.
The book begins with an overview of the geographical, prehistoric, and historical setting, and gives a theoretical framework defining pastoralism, pastoral nomadism, transhumance, and tribalism.
Rather than being the 'last place with pure pastoralism', Loliondo is a product of a political struggle to maintain a regional economy capable of supporting pastoralism against anti-pastoralist development policies.
de Bolos--, endemicity pastures, pastoralism, extensive livestock farming, processes related to land use (ecological agriculture, cultural landscapes) and nature conservation.
The Lives and Livelihoods Fund and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) have signed $99 million in finance with the Governments of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal for the Sahel Sustainable Pastoralism Development Project, which aims to support regional food security and improve the livelihoods of one million people in the Sahel region of West Africa.
The most vulnerable people are world's poorest, 70 per cent of whom depend on subsistence farming, fishing or pastoralism for income and food.
amp;nbsp;But this traditional form of pastoralism is increasingly difficult to sustain in Ethiopia as rangelands dry up due to prolonged drought linked to the El NiAaAaAe weather system.