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 (păs′tər-ə-lĭz′əm, pä′stər-)
1. The quality or state of being pastoral. Used especially of a literary work.
2. An economic system or way of life based on the raising and herding of livestock.

pas′tor·al·ist n.
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(Agriculture) Austral a grazier or land-holder raising sheep, cattle, etc, on a large scale
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In the past two weeks, the management of Gatsibo district auctioned 493 cows from 18 pastoralists at a cost of Rwf 83.2 million while Nygatare district earned Rwf 25 million from the auction of 180 cows of 13 pastoralists.
Approximately five million pastoralists are at risk of losing a significant part of their animals, and domestic fundraising strategies pegged on generous donations have yielded little results, they are dead horse theory.
This was after the pastoralists' lawyer Mr Bermin Kanyonge said he would like to have the dispute disposed by way of the parties writing their arguments instead of verbal submissions.
The National Secretary of MACBAN Baba Othman Ngelzarma in a statement noted that the new CBN policy on milk and livestock excluded the Pastoralists and farmers, which he said was not proper.
The forecasts are sent as text messages, so they are compatible with basic phones often used by pastoralists in remote areas.
He pointed out that the objectives of the third project were to support the export and trade of animal resources and increase the income of small farmers and pastoralists in the eastern and Kordofan states as well as the issues of climate changes.
Among these are: what constitutes the prevalence of violence in pastoralist society and the roles pastoralists take in it?
July 24, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - Fourteen pastoralists from Lahaween tribe have been killed by farmers from Hausa tribe at Al-Hamra village, Galabat Sharqiya locality, 50 kilometres south of the capital of Gedaref State.
This paper examines nutritional and health challenges facing pastoralists who inhabit fragile rangelands and are one of the most nutritionally vulnerable population groups in Kenya.
The primary focus is on reducing incidence of conflict between nomadic pastoralists and sedentary farmers over natural resources, in particular water and pastures.
For generations, smallholder pastoralists like Hamed who live on the products of their livestock have used scouts, indigenous knowledge and "dagu," or verbal exchange within their semi-nomadic communities, to find good pasture and water sources.