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1. The office, rank, or jurisdiction of a pastor.
2. A pastor's term of office with one congregation.
3. A body of pastors.
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1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the office or term of office of a pastor
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a body of pastors; pastors collectively
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(ˈpæs tər ɪt, ˈpɑ stər-)

1. the office or term of office of a pastor.
2. a body of pastors.
[1785–95; < Medieval Latin pāstōrātus= Latin pāstōr-, s. of pāstor (see pastor) + -ātus -ate3]
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Noun1.pastorate - pastors collectively
clergy - in Christianity, clergymen collectively (as distinguished from the laity)
2.pastorate - the position of pastor
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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Faye Brookes Deacon told the Echo: "Until now we have frequently shared a pastorate with one of the neighbouring villages or employing someone on a parttime basis.
He was licensed to preach in 1993 and served in bi-vocational pastorate roles in Missouri and Oklahoma.
He then left to begin his pastorate at New Park Street Baptist Church in London, which later changed its name to the Metropolitan Tabernacle.
'That is why I would like you to raise my medical allowance, and also clear my hospital bill for the last month.' The members of the pastorate committee looked at the hospital bill and sighed.
Where pastorate government earlier sought to point out the limits to knowledge of the sovereign, now it calculates behaviour.
Jean Vianney, the "Cure d'Ars." His pastorate was carried out in post-revolutionary France, in a vastly different cultural environment.
However, he resigned the pastorate of Marshall in January of the following year and joined the Order of the Jesuits.
Pictured (left) in the new uniform is Hilary Daley, of Cornfield Avenue, Oakes, a former 60th Huddersfield (Holy Trinity) Brownie Pack member, and Susan Hallett, of Rumbold Road, Edgerton, who displays the old one JS*94242762 | The Rev Dr B Russell, Joint Principal of northern Baptist College, told the Rev Eric Bray (pictured) to do his best to present himself to God "as one approved" when at the induction of Mr Bray to the pastorate of Mirfield Zion Baptist Church, he presented the charge to the new minister JS*94242754 | Anona Winn, the speaker at the Wednesday Club, was no stranger to Huddersfield, for she had visited the town on several previous occasions to address various groups.
Please note, the disconnect I am referring to was not between praxis and theology (an oft lamented disconnect) but between theology in the pastorate and theology in the academy.
After serving a two-year pastorate in Gastonia, N.C.
"When I left the pastorate, I took about a three week sabbatical, and I went to a cabin that my brother-in-law owns up in the Tennessee Mountains," Pope says.