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n. pl. pas·to·ri·ums Chiefly Southern US
The residence of a pastor; a parsonage.

[past(or) + Latin -ōrium, n. suff.; see -ory.]


the residence of a pastor
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The historic pastorium building will remain as well as the sanctuary portion of the Old Duluth City Hall Building.
We hurriedly packed up and moved to what was to become an interesting home for me for the next five years--the pastorium of Shiloh Baptist Church, a big two-story house in the middle of the village and about two blocks from the church.
His doughty wife, Grace told me the pastorium at Tattnall Square was the prettiest house she'd ever lived in and she did hate to leave it.
To compound the pain, if the pastor's family lives in the pastorium, they are often left with no place to live.